Assault can happen in any way and to anyone of any decree, gender, or race. A predator does not discriminate its victims, and anyone in a crowd could become a target. Although many victims of an assault or sexual assault, survive for a short time or not at all, most are left with the mark to haunt their lives. Daily several women get sexually assaulted from home if not outside. The number of women getting assaulted is mostly more than men in all areas of the world. However, we do not see vast or elaborate measures to make these stop.

Getting assaulted can be a traumatizing experience and, at the time, the worst thing to happen. It can be mentally challenging to administer and physically injuring to most. The instant after the assault can be the most daunting and blurred out to make a fair decision. It can be hard to think at this time and react adequately, which is understandable by anyone. However, as these cases keep coming up and getting severe, it's only best to prepare for them and know what to do immediately to protect yourself and make a report.

Unfortunately, in most assault cases, a perpetrator has preplanned the attack and knows the weaknesses of the victim to take them over without a fight. Hence, there is a lesser chance to escape such a situation. But it can be counterattacked and responded to the offender by a detrimental penalty. Therefore the earlier it is reported and taken action against, the more punishment they can receive for it. Below are some essential steps to take after an assault that can help you live a better future and cope with it:

How to Distinguish an Assault

An assault can be in different forms and in severely varying situations. It doesn't have to be physical to be called an assault. However, not every negative verbal dialogue can be categorized as an assault to take a legal case against. For some assaults, legal actions can be taken to the highest level, and for others, only restraining orders can be issued.

There are several kinds of assaults. An assault can be through contact or use of weapons or other instruments. Depending on a state or area, the law can define this term varyingly. It's always important to report any kind of assault at any time, even years after it happens.


The time after an assault has been implemented on you, and you're all alone to take the right actions, there will be plenty of thoughts running in your mind. You may feel angry and upset at one point and then guilty, disgusted, helpless, or terrified. With a cloud of all these emotions and thoughts, it becomes hard to think straight and make a sound decision. You may not be able to make out who to reach to help you.

In a situation like this, it's always advised to call the authorities. You can contact the law enforcement hotline and the local police and whoever you think should know about the case. Getting the officers first can guarantee your safety and may help them track down the perpetrator at the spot.

Take Cover

When you have been hurt or assaulted and fled with a further threat, its best to find cover anyplace safe. Make sure to escort yourself to a safer and more public zone where the actions of a perpetrator can have consequences. After moving to this place, you must contact and warn the authorities as soon as possible. It's best to arm yourself as you flee from the perpetrator and find cover. Due to your vulnerability, another such human being may try to make advancements towards you. So make sure not to trust any stranger and keep running until you find help.

Acquire Support

Apart from law enforcement, the local police, and other authorities, you can call whoever you want to come to your rescue. At this time, you will need all the help you can so you can contact your family and friends you trust the most. If the imposer were someone related to you, then it'd be wise to get the least people in your circle not to alarm the perpetrator. If calling family can have consequences or you're not ready to tell anyone, you can call a close friend or place your trust in a legal representative who would also know how to take your case to justice.

Reach Out to Constructive Medical Treatment

The chances are that the ambulance is already on the scene, but if it's not, and you have been physically hurt or sexually harassed, getting checked will be paramount for your health. The ambulance will help take you to the hospital while also assisting you to stay calm. While they treat you in the hospital, you will also be asked about pressing charges against the criminal. This will be an essential milestone in your case and can define how it goes.

If you want to press charges now or even later in your life, you will need solid evidence of the assault. If it had been sexual assault, you could get a DNA test to help find the offender through it. For this, you must not perform any activity to alert your body in any way and change or shower. There is a test called the rape kit test that helps identify the offender's DNA before you shower or change.

Know Your Rights

The hardest part of the assault is behind you, and after some time of it happening, you may start to feel better as you go by your daily life normally. Obviously, not everything is settled, and the criminal is still out there and may still be a threat to you. Even if you do your best to avoid them and keep away from dangerous places, it won't feel safe again until they suffer the same fate or get lock up. If someone has assaulted you and you didn't do anything about it, you must at least know your rights to practice them in a threatening situation.

Take Legal Actions

When you feel you are ready, you must take the next step into getting the perpetrator behind bars where they belong. For this, you may only need enough evidence, but in some mild to vastly tricky cases, the other party may try to fight back for which you have to be ready. After a long time of contemplating and gaining the strength you need to face your criminal, you head to the courtroom, you must have all the backup you can need.

The prosecutor assigned to you will help you to a limit abiding by the laws, but as soon as the case starts to turn around on you, they will have difficulties as well. You can hire a good Pasadena Criminal Lawyer who is well versed in such a case and can help tweak any dead ends or blockages in the event. As you had already gone through substantial indignant, it will be best to let a legal representative as a criminal lawyer handle your case for you.

Tend to Cope

For most people, the real struggle can begin after experiencing the assault, even after getting the criminal behind bars, with mental and physiological issues. This can come as trauma to many, and dealing with such a deep wound can be unbearable for even the strongest. Sure, there are people that don't sense these emotions as they start to get through life, and some might feel mild symptoms. These feelings cannot be removed soon but can be coped with.

It is not healthy to not acknowledge them either, but getting professional help can make some positive changes. If you have symptoms of PTSD or other psychological conditions, its best to take therapy for it and talk it out with close people. Getting advice from different people on the issues you face that keep you from meeting your thoughts can help you see different perspectives and find easy ways to cope.

Every person has their own coping mechanism to situations, and some develop them to continue with life. As you get the treatment you may be able to find a constructive coping mechanism as well for your trauma that is not harmful and confirms positive wellbeing.

Start a New Life

No matter what others say, the experience will have changed you or your perspective to life. This can be due to your disconnectivity with social peers, abnormal routines, and a disrupt of the activities you used to perform. To get back to life, you will need to find a new perspective with robust coping mechanisms to like-situations. You may not feel like yourself again for a long time until everything starts to get familiar. It would be best to push yourself slightly to indulge in different activates, especially those involving socializing and gatherings. However, going to a situation wholly unarmed or mentally unprepared for can be harmful to the strength you worked hard to build.

You can take baby steps and start by joining communities of people who got assaulted in any way and take in their perspectives and gain confidence from them. They will be more understanding of you and can tell you to take things slow and comfortably, unlike people who haven't been in your shoes. With this company, you can gradually let go of your fears and blend into your new and improved life.

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