Steps to Developing Your Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein
Step 1. Get comfortable in your body.
Your body is an intuitive instrument. Awareness in your body can provide you with hunches and ‘gut feelings’ or insightful flashes. Being aware of your body is an intuitive key. Unfortunately, from an intuitive sense, we usually are only aware from the neck up.  This ends up being counter intuitive and cuts us off from important energy sources.
Intuition is as much energy signals as it is your messages from your gut.

To be comfortable, ask yourself: “Are my shoulders loose?”, “Is my throat relaxed?”, “Am I pain free?”, “Am I sitting comfortably?”, “Is my breathing easy?”, “Am I ready to receive?…Yes”

Step 2. Quiet your mind.
The point here is to be able to hear your intuition beneath all of your normal mental interests and chatter. It is sometimes referred to as your ‘monkey mind’ because it is constantly is jumping from one thing to another.

Here is a process to help quiet your mind.
Settle into your comfortable position—sitting upright. Be sure that you are in a quiet room with the phone off and no distractions. No distractions means no music, no candles, no pictures to look at, it is just you with you.

Close your eyes (you can use an eye mask if you wish) and then slowly breathe, watching the breath inhale and exhale, and letting your mind gently and gradually quiet down. When thoughts come in, try not to concentrate on them, rather stay focused on your breathing. When your mind feels calm and quiet, you can ask a question.

Asking an intuitive formatted question when your body is comfortable and your mind is quiet is one way to trigger your intuition. (A relaxed body and a quiet mind create an interface to our intuitive perception center.)

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