It is common that we all stop at Wholesale UK websites that claim to provide products at dirt cheap prices. But do you think if you have found cheap supplier, you feel satisfied? Probably not! This is because we all know, with the increased trend of conducting business online; the danger of being scalped has also become considerable.
Many times, we come across fake websites in which scammers add appealing text and pictures to confiscate the hard eared money of the people. These suppliers strive hard to increase the ranking of their fake websites to make them the top results of an important search. The websites having good ranking in the search engines are likely visited by the people more and the chances of losing the money become more evident.
The success of an online wholesale business depends on a genuine supplier. In this complicated situation, where you find scammers every where, you have to be vigilant and sharp in identifying a perfect source of supply for you. You should follow a proper verification process so that you may place your wholesale orders with full trust and confidence. This process involves following steps.
Check contact information: Don’t rely on the information provided on the face of the website only. Make telephone calls, send e-mails and match the company address with the yellow pages.
Check supplier’s website: Scrutinize registered domain of the company and match it with the name of the contact person. If both are different you might be dealing with a fake supplier.
Ask for references: Ask your Wholesale Suppliers. to provide you with some references with whom he has been working with. Check out these references and visit them in person to know about your supplier’s credibility and reliability.
Ask for product samples: Demand samples from your supplier before placing large orders. Often the ones who provide you samples are the legitimate ones.
Check supplier’s reports: Check out the negative reports from the famous business organizations and see if complaints have been filed against your supplier or not. If you find some complaints, suspect your supplier.
Join wholesale forums: Registration on most of the forums is free of cost. You should join the forums related to your business and take opinion from different industry specialists and business men about your supplier. If he is unreal, truth will be revealed on you soon.
Talk to the previous customers of your supplier: Talking to the previous customers disclose many things on you regarding the credibility, reliability and quality of the products of your supplier.
Place small initial order: It better to order less quantity in first order as compared to placing larger quantities at stake. When place small quantities, even if you loose your money, the loss will be less.
It’s true that scams are every where in the online world but our little effort of proper verification can easily free us from unscrupulous Manufacturers
or supplier.

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William King is the director of Wholesale UK, Manufacturers
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