Though 2011 remained quite a challenging year for Pakistan Real Estate. as a whole yet it brought some good news for Lahore real estate in particular. A report published during the first half of 2011 clearly mentioned that some societies in Lahore are offering high returns on investment whereas the price of property in other cities remains unchanged. The performance of Lahore real estate during the second half of the year further strengthened this fact when the violence and bloodshed in Karachi boosted the value of properties in Lahore by as much as 30%.
2012 started positively for Lahore real estate sector, since this is the time when people from Karachi are expected to relocate their businesses to Lahore. Owing to this prediction of better future awaiting Lahore real estate, the government has issued orders to the LDA to take vigilant steps to improve the infrastructure in Lahore. The Lahore Development Authority is allotting budgets to various projects or schemes to make this city attractive for real estate investors.
LDA Steps to improve infrastructure!
Since the first quarter of 2012 has passed, the LDA has become more active in implementing its infrastructure improvement plans which it has decided to carry out during this year. Not only this, it is also trying hard to bring transparency in Pakistan real estate sector by recovering encroached land from illegal occupants. Some steps being taken by the LDA to improve the infrastructure in Lahore include the following.
New Development Plan! – In order to extend world class sporting facilities and improve the physical infrastructure of the city, LDA has recently approved a budget of Rs 250 million for various development projects. Administrators of 9 constituent towns and representatives from several government departments attended the meeting and took the following decisions.
• Roads near Palwama/Channar Chowk near Adda Plot Raiwind Road will be improved in order to facilitate residents of private housing societies of the area. The total budget allocated for this construction is Rs 53.20 million.
• The road from Bhogiwal to China Road, Gujjar Pura Scheme, which is 1.5 kilometres long, will also be improved to benefit 35000 vehicles daily. The total budget allotted for this scheme is Rs 0.58 million and the dual carriageway, which is yet to be built on each side, is expected to complete within a period of 3 months.
• LDA has also decided to lay synthetic turf in Johar Town Hockey Stadium to promote the organization of internationally recognized competitions. LDA has decided to spend Rs 138.920 million on its improvement, since the turf would be laid with allied infrastructure and flood lights.
Traffic flow control! – LDA, according to the orders issued by the government, is taking following steps to improve road infrastructure.
• In order to curb the problem of traffic jams, LDA, after the recent completion of Kalma Chowk flyover, is now planning to build a 2 km lane which would connect Kahna with Shahadra. Instructions have been given to the concerned departments for the timely completion of this project according to international standards.
• Further plans are to build a parking plaza on Ferozepur Road which would eliminate unnecessary car parking across the road which hinders the flow of traffic.
• Besides that, plans to launch Metro Bus Service Project are also underway which would drastically reduce traffic jams in the city.

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