By Coach Stephanie Wood, PPC

Achieving a better body image begins with a positive approach to your body. For this reason, I’m not going to refer to any negative references you have indulged in when thinking about, describing, or discussing that marvelous machine. This entity you know as your body, your physique, your material self has been a part of you, a very important part of you, since before your birth.

With every insult, every harsh judgment, sharp criticism to her as a whole physical presence or aimed at a specific part (i.e. thunder thighs, sagging breasts, droopy butt, turkey neck, winged arms, are you laughing yet?) you are denigrating not only her appearance, but also her performance. She is a physical representation of the totality that is you: your brilliance, your talents, your skills, your charm, your humor, your kindness, and generosity of spirit.

So, every time you “diss” her, you are “dissing” yourself.

The Urban Dictionary defines “diss” as:

  1. dissing someone is showing disrespect to them
  2. being dissed is the act of being disconnected, by voice or by modem, from another party.

Both definitions imply a separation between your body and yourself. That gap increases with every rotten remark, depressing thought, or false assumption you make about all or any part of your body. I say “false” because it’s your perspective of an objective reality. And you already know the definition of the word “assume”. Use it at your peril, because when you make an assumption you risk making “an ass of you and me.”

The solution to ending the separation is found in the Body Knowledge System® and begins with stepping up to a better body image!

Begin the New Year on a higher level by raising your commitment to yourself---your whole self, your entire self, your better body image in 2016!

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As a Dancer, Choreographer, Personal Trainer, Body and Business Coach/Mentor, Stephanie Wood's focus is now with her Body Knowledge System ® Philosophy for Living-Doing it Your Way! (a Pioneer here/her legacy) which is a practical system to have people realize the importance of including their body’s intelligence in every choice they make (including and not limited to food, exercise, health, events, environment, work and relationships). She also enjoys Mentoring Professionals in Wellness in beginning and thriving within their new entrepreneurial business. Certifications are available.