One of the most challenging things we can face sometimes, is staying positive when people around us are very negative. We all know that this is not easy to here are 3 powerful ways for you to consider.

Firstly, when it comes to other people, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind which may help give you some perspective on things:

1: Your Life is your own

Your life is your own and not theirs, which means people often like to project their own state of mind on to others and this can be for many reasons such as jealousy, fear, or just plain old gossip-mongering. Have you ever noticed how people only seem to see, hear or believe what they want to ? This is because internally, they are only seeing things from their own point of view and not yours.

2: Some people are just Negative and Cynical

Some people have got themselves into a cycle of negativity and being cynical. Others just like to suck all the energy right out of you. These people are often called the 'Energy Vampires', 'Dreamstealers' and 'Naysayers' and it is not easy staying positive around these people, so its vitally important you remember that these are lessons they need to learn, and that it is their pain and their lesson and it is not yours. In my book 'The Mind body and spirit Gameplan' I explain these types of people in greater detail, but for now, just be aware of these types of people and their motives.

3: Don't blame, instead, practice forgiveness

One of the hardest but most powerful things you can do is to practice forgiveness. Don't blame, hate or resist as this will only create the very thing you wish to avoid...negativity...try to practice forgiveness from the point of view that it is their problem they are trying to solve and share...not yours. Acceptance and Forgiveness are very powerful states of mind and adopting them will give you an immense sense of freedom and perspective which will make staying positive a lot easier.

So there is some meaningful and useful advice on staying positive around negative people

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