Dubai has been buffeting by the winds of change ever since the global economic crunch hit the region. It is another thing that these winds are not bringing good news for those who have invested in Dubai real estate. Needless to report that numerous projects were halted, thousands of expatriates left UAE and those who did not leave were not in position to pay back the debts. Every industry such as entertainment, shopping and dining, directly or indirectly, related to real estate business is under the impact of this change. The overall change provoked UAE government to impose reforms to lure buyers.
To uplift the real estate sector, government has directed its attention towards the tourism sector, which once was the major attraction of Dubai. The economy is expected to get back on the track as debt issues have been resolved for the time being. Dubai real estate sector is also showing signs of improvement as according to RERA report, numbers of property transactions are growing as compared to few previous quarters of this year and the previous year.
At the same time, a large number of halted projects are resumed and are back in construction phase that is a good recovery sign. Some projects, which are still suffering are just due to poor management or lack of capital. Banks and financial institutions are also offering favorable climate to provide finance for the projects at easier and flexible conditions so that projects can be completed soon.
Sitting across the Arabian Sea, investors and entrepreneurs are getting news that emirate has not handled Dubai real estate’s slump issue wisely. Therefore, businesses are shifting their operations to Dubai, Ajman and Bahrain where the conditions are stabled and under control. However, it is not true because in Dubai majority of investors have invested in hotels. It is not tough to compete even in this sector, unless you have uniqueness and originality in your offers.
There is oversupply to some magnitude but it is not a constraint that can keep investors away from buying lush Dubai properties in the appealing real estate sector. The market is correcting itself in price terms too. You can get good value of your investment in less money right now, which will never happen again.
At the very moment, Dubai rental properties are the pick of time because working migrants prefer to live in rental properties as compared to buying a property to reside in. Finding a rental villa in Dubai is really difficult now-a-days and wise investors are apprehending this trend. Therefore, real estate investors are flying back to Dubai and most of them are willing to invest in this sector on the long term basis. Current situation will change and good times will be back soon. Wise investor will be the one who will take benefit of this situation and invest in Dubai properties right now.
If you were also waiting for the right time to invest in Dubai residential sector, this is there. You cannot get this opportunity again and prices will never go down to this level again so invest right now. Future of Dubai properties is really bright so stay optimistic and there is no doubt in it.

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William King is the director of Dubai Properties, Rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Real Estate and Property in Dubai. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements