"Positive visualizations also create powerful energy from within you. The universe will take notice of your positive energy and you will be able to meet your goals quickly with help from the universe." – Dr. Steve G. Jones

One of the questions that is often asked about manifestations is “Where does it come from?” “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever will” is how the song goes, and scientifically that is true. If something is manifested, it must come from something; so the question of origin arises.

First, recognize that the entire universe is made of energy. Bob Proctor says that energy moves into form, through form, and out of form. Dr. Robert Anthony talks about quantum mechanics forming items out of probability, which is how he talks about energy. So the source of all that is manifested is the energy of the Universe, of which there is an abundance.

If you wish to tap into this Universal energy, you need to provide a channel through which the energy can flow. For example, if you have a source of electricity, you cannot use it until you have created a circuit through which the energy can flow. So tapping into the Universal energy means you have to create the channel for your desired manifestation.

Visualizations are a powerful way to create such a channel. A clear, strong visualization is like a clear, deep ditch for water. The Universal energy has a clear channel that it can flow through. The clearer, more detailed, more specific your visualization is, the deeper and more directed the channel. A deep, directed channel means less wasted energy, which means your manifestation will come into being that much faster.

Visualizations also provide a starting surge. Another analogy for the Universe is that of an engine which generates electricity. To get the engine started, you need a starter motor, which draws upon a source of energy to get things moving. Once things are moving, the momentum can keep things in motion. The physical law is that things at rest stay at rest until a force acts upon them, then they stay in motion until they are stopped.

Your manifestation process works in a similar fashion. Simply having the desire is not enough; you need to get things moving. In essence, you have to kick-start the process of manifestation. Several things can provide you the energy needed to get the process moving: gratitude, faith, and prayer are some. But one of the most effective ways to kick-start the manifestation process is to visualize the results. By visualizing the results, I do not mean simply picturing it; visualization is picturing the results with you. You need to be in the visualization so that the Universe can identify the target of the manifestation.

Let’s summarize. You should visualize what you want to manifest because it creates a clear, deep channel for the energy of the Universe to flow through towards your desired results. Also, by visualizing the results with you in the picture, you provide a clear target for the manifestation process. And, finally, visualization also provides the starter energy for the entire manifestation process, starter energy which the Universe can augment to whatever degree is necessary for the desired results. While visualization is not the only tool you have for manifestation, it is a powerful and useful one. And the more you practice visualization, the better you get.

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John Steely is a certified life coach concentrating on personal and professional development. His site Steely Services provides information on personal development topics. John shares his love of classics in his Monthly Classic program of free books.