Dumb Bells Can Help You Tone and Define Your Body

Whether you are looking to start working on your muscle definition with a new set of dumb bells, or you are looking to add to your current collection of workout equipment, there is no disputing the types of results that you will be able to see once you start increasing your workout to include a variety of weights.

There is a misconception that dumbbells are exclusively for those who are extreme beginners, or on the opposite end of the fitness spectrum, muscle-bound weight lifters. The truth is that a good set of dumbbells can help you to rebuild damaged muscles, help you to tone and define your body, and can help you to strengthen parts of your body that don't get a good workout, even when you are running several miles a day.

Buying New vs. Used Dumbbells

As with any new purchase, it bears considering whether you would be better off buying new or looking for used dumbbells from someone who is downsizing their workout equipment. Garage sales and pre-owned sports equipment retailers often have a really wide selection of dumbbell sets that could include exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Searching online sites like Craigslist and the other popular listing forums that have become popular on Facebook are another great place to start. As with any purchase from someone new, it is essential that you take precautions to ensure your safety when meeting with strangers.

There really isn't any good reason that you shouldn't look for pre-owned dumbbells for sale in your area, as these types of items rarely sustain much damage that will keep them from being fully usable for your lifting needs. Purchasing items pre-owned can often save as much as 60% off of the cost of purchasing something brand new.
Of course, if you can't find a decent set of pre-owned dumbbells in your nearby areas, then it would be better to purchase them new so that you can ensure you are getting exactly what it is that you need for your workout program.

Before You Buy

Something to keep in mind when you are looking for a set of dumbbells is that you should always start with either a set that includes a good range of weights, or get adjustable dumbbells that can grow with you as you start to build your muscle tone. One mistake often made by those who are new to working out with weights is that they often pick up weights that are entirely too heavy for their current fitness level, with the idea that they will build muscles a lot faster with heavier weights. What they will actually wind up doing is tearing their muscles or even potentially causing a much more serious injury when they are trying to maneuver weights that are too heavy for them to handle in their current state of fitness.

It is always recommended that you start with smaller weights and then gradually adjust your workout routine as your muscles start to adapt to the weight of the dumb bells that you are working out with.
Consider picking them up in the store before you buy them; carefully testing how they feel in your hands and testing whether or not your arms took any strain when you picked them up. Remember that the more you work with even a 2lb dumb bell in a single session, the more your muscles will need to adapt to the continual stress being placed on them. If you come out of the gate with a 10lb weight, you are going to do more harm than good to your overtaxed muscles; you may even hurt yourself to the point where it delays your fitness goals for several months.

Retailers Specializing in Fitness Products

You can certainly buy your fitness equipment from any retailer that sells them at a good price, but there are definitely some key benefits to shopping for your fitness equipment at a retailer that specializes in fitness and sports in general. The reason for this is that you'll be able to receive a bit of guidance from the on-site staff that will have some experience both explaining about the products and potentially even with using the products themselves.

Consider the range of Bowflex dumbbells. These space-saving adjustable dumbbells are not particularly challenging to understand, but without the right types of dumbbells exercises, you could find yourself causing a fair number of muscle and neck injuries when you don't use the right methods.

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Getting Expert Advice Matters

If you don't feel comfortable asking for advice and input from the sales professionals inside of the retail stores then you should consider looking into a private session with a personal fitness trainer. While it is possible to start a new workout regimen without consulting a fitness trainer, it is always wise to get some input on the best types of dumbbell workouts that can help you to target your trouble zones and help you to get the results that you want.

There are also many video tutorials online that could help to give you some guidance, but working with a professional in a one-on-one setting will help you to customize your fitness plan based upon your fitness goals and your current physical state.

Getting in shape is an important part of looking and feeling your best. Be sure to always follow safety protocols when lifting dumbbells so that you can avoid injuring yourself or someone else around you; entirely too many people wind up in the emergency room due to a head injury or broken foot because they mishandled weights that they were ill-prepared to deal with.

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