People are always looking for things to make their lives better because people genuinely want to be genuinely happy! So when I'm asked (fairly regularly) by clients, students, and everyone in between what are the best ways to figure out what it is that you actually want, this answer generally gets my message across and their creative juices of excitement flowing!

One of the most awesome tools I have ever come across in being able to do this is to think about what you already love to do on a daily basis. The saying is so true: Do what you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life! The fact is that you can make money at absolutely anything, so just do what you already love to do and you'll see how it will flow (ok, yes, I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea)

People often look at their daily jobs as "the grind" or something they need to do to pay the bills and don't even begin to enter the thought process that this daily "thing" they do is actually supposed to bring them an incredible amount of joy (i kid you not) ;)

So do what you love to do and you can always find a way to make GOOD money from it!

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