When I'm first asked how I help people, the first thing I say is that I help you figure out what it is you REALLY want. I like to make people shed their "should" selves (thats the part that says that I want 'this' because everyone around them thinks they should want it). I ALWAYS remind my clients that one day they too will be on their deathbed (pretty morbid, I know, sorry) and that this is their opportunity to do what they want to, say what they need to, and treat people well, because even a person who is for example, in a perpetually bad mood is that way for a reason and probably has some things in their lives that they need to work out.

When I first started off as a coach, I was wondering how I was going to help people start things off and work on writing out their goals. Well, what I came to find is that when you really get down to it, people know what they want...they're just not entirely sure of how to go after it! Thats where I come in. :)

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Christine Topjian is the Founder and CEO of LearnToday.ca