Have you ever had someone’s attention toward you make you fear for your life? You’ve been stalked. Stalking is when someone’s actions put another person in fear for their safety. These actions may include following you, harassing you, calling you on the telephone, watching your house, sending you unwanted mail, accessing your personal information without your permission, or action that in some way frightens you. All states now have some sort of law prohibiting stalking.

Because this is a relatively new crime, law enforcement is only beginning to understand how to deal with it but stalking is more common than you might think. According to their recent records, approx. 1.4 million Americans are stalked each year; and 1 in 20 women will be targeted by stalkers at least once in their lives.

Stalking is no joke! It can have potentially life-threatening consequences. The inventiveness, persistence, and obsessive nature of stalkers is almost unimaginable until you’ve witnessed it yourself. Don’t be fooled by the less severe form. Any time you feel threatened, it permanently changes your life.
Don’t be tricked or convinced into thinking stalkers aren’t dangerous. Stalkers all have the potential to harm! Very often stalkers will change their behavior over a period of time and accelerate the frequency or fervor of their contacts. Many times little or no warning is given by the most dangerous stalkers before they attack.
So are you or someone you care about in danger of being stalked? Usually contact with a stalker starts with an innocent dinner invitation or gift of some sort. Flowers from an anonymous admirer or note from a "fan" can be flattering and cause you to relax your guard. Sometimes you suspect that you are quietly being watched before being verbally threatened.

It doesn’t matter how it begun, now you feel uncomfortable. The phone ringing, going out alone at night, walking to your car or reading your mail are cause for alarm. You always think they are out there with unrelenting, unsolicited attention, making you nervous, anxious and extremely uncomfortable. You didn’t invite this into your life but now you have to deal with it. It chips away at your security, leaving you feeling vulnerable and trapped. Where do you turn for help?
You could be in extreme danger. Report it to the police then keep a detailed log of every incident.
Consider a two pronged approach. First, you don’t have to just let things happen. Learn how to secure your safety by getting educated. Search for the information that will help you. Visit your local library, book store and internet sites. Stalker victims are constantly being confronted with frightening circumstances, unnerving actions against them that range from invasions of privacy to mortal violence. Stalker victims are rarely given solid, specific direction on what to do to successfully deal with it. Being “careful” without ideas on how to affectively accomplish that doesn’t help. Search the web for organizations that will educate you and help you gain confidence in managing your situation so you can turn things around and feel safe again.

Second, if you are a victim of stalking, you can't take the chance of putting your safety entirely in the hands of someone else. Legal red tape can take a while to work so be pro-active about your own safety. Reclaiming your security should include having some form of non-lethal weapon at your disposal. Pepper spray, stun guns and personal alarms are just a few items you should have readily available when you feel threatened. We at http://OfficiaSafetyandSecurity.com would love for you to visit us and shop around but no matter where you go to purchase your choice of protection, choose something you will not be afraid to use.
Don’t wait to take extreme measures to protect yourself. Your safety is a valuable commodity. Don’t let someone take it away without a fight. You have the assurance of those alive today who took extreme measures, that this is the right move.
If you think you are being stalked, even if you are not sure... Don’t sit back and let things just happen. You have the power to protect yourself.
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