The Spring air is here! This is the time to get inspired, motivated, determined, disciplined and driven! Is there something you've been putting off doing or changing about your current life situation? Are you in an O.K. place in your life, but you vision much more? Have you hit rock bottom and you are ready to make a change, or are you successful in life but need more balance and don't allow enough time for it in your busy schedule? Whatever your situation is, it's time to start taking inspired action now towards what you desire instead of saying, “Some Day” or “Tomorrow” Or “Eventually”.

You would be amazed at what you can accomplish if you take some time for yourself and become inspired, motivated, determined, disciplined and driven towards the life you deserve. It really takes no more time to create the life you desire than it takes to live the O.K. life your living now. There are so many plentiful opportunities for fulfillment that present themselves to us each and every day but many do not recognize, ignore them or don't take advantage or inspired action on them.

Here Are Five Easy Things You Can Do To Get Motivated Using The Law Of Attraction!

1. Start Putting Yourself On A Schedule – Getting yourself into a daily routine will not only get you motivated, but it will keep you focused on your goal(s) whatever they may be, whether big or small.

2. What Is Your Strategy? - Make a list of things you want to achieve in cursive writing and be specific. Give yourself a time frame or a date on the calendar to achieve it by.

3. What Is Your Game Plan? - Next, write down in cursive writing what steps you will need to take in your daily routine in order to get the desired results you want.

Why Should I Write My Strategy In Cursive Hand Writing?
Interesting Fact - Hand writing is an ideomotor response. Handwriting especially in cursive is a subconscious reaction directly from the nervous system. When you have a tough goal to achieve and you write what the goal is in cursive, it will filter through to your subconscious mind and help you start taking action using your subconscious mind instead of allowing your subconscious mind to use you. This is very powerful and it works!

4. Why Do You Want To Achieve These Goals – Knowing WHY you want to achieve what you set out to is what is going to keep you inspired, motivated, determined, disciplined and driven.

5. Now It's Time To Hold Yourself Accountable! - Now that you've written down your strategy and have declared it to the Universe, it's time to hold yourself accountable for taking action towards the end results you want to see. It is also a great idea to have at least two to three other people in your life that will also be there to support you and hold you accountable.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading These Easy Tips, If You Follow The Steps Above, You Are Guaranteed To Start Seeing Positive Results! Try It And Let Me Know How You Do!!

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Author's Bio: 

My name is Reverend Jennie Reve-Almodovar. I am the Founder and President of YourJourney2Joy. I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Based Life Coach currently located in Queens, New York and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Just to give you some background about me, after 13 successful years in a Retail Loss Prevention/Asset Protection career, I finally decided after some contemplation that what I really yearned for was to live my life to the fullest, on "my own" terms, enjoy life and continue to appreciate how it works. I had a strong desire to do what I love to do which is studying and teaching The Law Of Attraction. A big part of my certification at the International College Of Metaphysical Theology was first learning a lot about myself, finding my inner joy, reaching unattainable goals, sticking to them and basically taking the fear and uncertainty I had inside me and replacing it with curiosity. Once I received my certification, I knew if I can accomplish this, I can certainly guide a willing individual on to the path of their own "Journey2Joy" and do it successfully. In just a few year's time I was able to manifest a number of wonderful and exciting experiences in my life that at one time I would never have dreamed would be possible! Life keeps getting better and better for me because the possibilities are now limitless!