Okay, so you've got your opt-in page set up and it's linked to your sales page. You're done, right?


Have you split tested your opt-in page? What about the sales letter? If you aren't testing these elements, you aren't making nearly as much money as you could be.

Personally, I test everything. I start with my opt-in page, because if you don't get any opt-ins, they'll never see your sales page. If that's the case, you might as well have a blog about your feelings be your only presence on the Internet, because an opt-in page that doesn't convert is utterly useless. Why waste your time? Try different page formats, and see which one converts the best.

Next, you need to split test your sales page. Again, you're seeing which offer does a better job turning shoppers into buyers. After that, try your one-time-offers (OTOs) to see which one generates more revenue. One thing that is very important to remember is to make sure that your testing radically different formats. Don't test two pages with only slightly different copy or look against each other. That's almost as big of a waste of time as an opt-in page that doesn't convert.

Make sure the pages you are testing are radically different. They need to have completely different looks or feels, or be from a completely different angle. Don't test an offer for a $7.97 CD against a $9.97 CD. Again, that's a waste of time and effort. Test an offer for a $9.97 CD with free shipping against a free CD that the customer pays shipping and handling for. Test white copy on a black background against a black copy on a white background, or just take this hint from me...

... black on white converts better.

Other people may tell you I'm crazy simply because they think white on black looks better, but I'd be willing to bet they don't have the data that I have to back them up. I've done it, and I've found that black copy on a white background converts better. Next time someone makes a blanket statement about their conversions, ask them what they've split tested.

Split testing is the only way that you can truly know what's most effective. Otherwise, you are just assuming, and that can be a fatal mistake. I suggest multiple different options before you decide on one winner.

Author's Bio: 

Matt Bacak is considered by many an Internet Marketing Legend. Using his stealth marketing techniques, he became a Best Selling author with a huge fan base of over 300k people in his niche as well as built multi-million dollar companies.

Since Matt has been an internet marketer for over 10 years now, his techniques and strategies are widely used across the internet and he has taught many of the Whos Who of internet marketing.