I work with people who simply put, want to make major change in their life.
The reasons vary and may include addiction, abuse, stress, and depression. The common denominator is that the zest for life is not what they want and personal relationships are stressed or gone. Most of my clients do not love themselves.
Life transformation and the recovery of the life you want is a process. My experience and learning tells me it is a holistic process and one that requires “outside expertise” to guide the journey.
If we could fix ourselves then most of us would do so and if we could learn it from a self-help book, there would be far more joyful people in this world.
The most challenging part of holistic transformation I find in working with others is getting them over the “spiritual” component. Most hear “religion” when the word spiritual is brought up. Some of those I coach may find a “spiritual” home in an organized religion; most don’t.
While reading today, I came across an interesting definition of spirituality that I want to share.
“Spirituality is…..the awareness that survival is a savage fight between you and yourself”. (Lisa S.)
Most of us are aware of an inner struggle; I know as I faced the challenge of transforming my life, I certainly was.
There is good reason that this struggle exists among many, and I gleaned a far better understanding of it while involved in a group study of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and from reading his “The Power of Now”. From this study, I read words that helped me achieve clarity as to what was occurring inside of me and to understand why “spirituality” was so important to my life going forward.
One simple thought I had to buy into to allow me to move forward- there is a great power at work in this world and that power is not me. I made a mess of the world that I tried to run which resulted in a number of things that could be filed under the general heading of “unhappiness”. Once I allowed myself to accept that there was a power greater than me at play in this world, my life was open to change.
To survive in a better state of mind, I became very aware of the savage fight going on within.
To get the life I wanted, and to get the courage to change, adding a conscious spiritual component to my life was essential, and the coaching I received was a life saver.
If the hair on your neck bristled slightly when you saw the word spirituality; if that word made you flash (negatively) to the word religion or if you acknowledge the struggle for survival inside of you that Lisa S. refers to, let’s have a chat. Nothing ventured; nothing gained.
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