I interviewed Liz DeHaven, who was bulimic during her younger years. Most of us can identify with Liz, doing something we thought was smart, at first, only to find out later it was self-destructive. Bulimia was Liz's secret until she realized she had the God-given ability to face the bulimia and put it behind her.
Me. Did you have a weight problem in your younger years?
Liz. No. After High School the goal to become a model stuck in my mind and because body size is stressed with modeling, my best friend told me throwing up my food would keep me thinner than I was already. I think back and wonder why I thought throwing up my food was a good idea. I can reason through the fact that my mom was in the midst of her 2nd divorce and the bulimia was a sign that I no longer could stomach life. But, that didn't give me the energy to finally admit throwing up is a twisted idea of control.
Me. At what point did the bulimia become out of control?
Liz. Exactly at the point I thought I was in control, in other words, it became out of control once I started doing it because I was really good at it. I had "control" and made myself throw up for 5 years. But, my "being in control" was a lack of spiritual self-control.
Me. When did you realize you needed help?
Liz. After 5 years I realized I could not stop myself from throwing up. And, I met another friend, a recovering drug addict, who suggested I join Overeaters Anonymous. I gladly attended the meetings because they acknowledge God and found another person to sponsor me. I did try psycho-therapy, but it didn't work.
Me. Do you turn to God?
Liz. Yes, I pray every day to God. However, my prayers change. When I was bulimic, I prayed for my teeth and stomach to remain healthy, and they did. Then I prayed for the strength to learn how to eat again and not obsess over what to eat. It took me 2 years, on and off, to stop throwing up.
Me. Do you eat healthy foods now?
Liz. Yes, at first I kept my eating simple, I was even a vegetarian for 7 years, now I eat what I feel drawn to eat. I limit my sugar and alcohol intake, and I pray not to beat myself up if I eat a candy bar!
Me. Are you an energetic person?
Liz. I am a very energetic person. My life is always uncovering new spiritual growth, as I get past one hurdle, there is another hurdle in a different area. Food isn't an issue now, however, I am learning to be wise with my mental energy, to share it appropriately with other people so we don't drain one another, but help one another. And, I love to surround myself with humor!

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