Love is the greatest power capable of being used by anyone on the face of the earth. If we would only use this power, we could change the way we live in a huge way. When we use love as a focus for guiding our lives and creating peace, we must look at our love in our experience. We must recognize opportunities to express ourselves as loving beings when situations show up. We have to make love our choice in every matter to get the outcome we desire. And, there must be time outs so you can reconnect with your inner heart and soul through some spiritual means.

Love in experience is the basis because your experience goes back as far as you can remember. In our experience we've had good and bad situations that seem to stand out over everything else. The stronger the experience, the greater the memory of these experiences. In your experience you have the information needed to gauge the degree of love you've experienced against the degree of hurt. While gathering this information, take more consideration in the good experiences cause these are the ones that will help you to remember how to be happy and eventually hold that joy for longer durations.

The object here is to remember how joy felt then, and feel it now. Remember how love felt then, and feel it now. Envision yourself being full of love in every situation and you will experience it in every moment. Tell yourself, "love is the way I choose to feel from now on." Use experience as a tool to remember what good times feel like and your spiritual awareness will grow tremendously. Practice feeling peace and joy, you will be on your way to experiencing more love in your life.

Use every opportunity to express love in every situation. Opportunities come and go, what we have to do is recognize when the moment is there before us. When we find ourselves there, we must apply love to the moment and then we'll experience a better outcome. It could be something you know is coming up like a group meeting where someone in the group is not on your good side. Here is a good time to change your emotion to love. Do this exercise while in the moment of all that is happening. Being in the moment allows you to feel the emotions being expressed, giving you an opportunity to bring love in the moment.

Make love your choice. When we make love our choice, it becomes habit forming and automatic after a time. Start by choosing to be love in every moment. Tell your self, "I am love" whenever the thought crosses your mind. This will help you to bring the power of love into every situation. You have to first believe you are love in order to make love your mode of expression. God created the universe with the power of love. We were created with that same love. Believing we are love will make it easier for us to choose love as our guiding force.

Reconnecting with your inner self is a very important part of maintaining your focus on love. This is a good time to find a quiet place where you can go to access your inner heart. Don't wait for a crisis before you exercise the power of love you have in you. Whenever the thought of going in your heart arises, provided the environment is right, you must go there. This strengthens your awareness and helps to keep you focused and balanced. Use prayer, affirmations and meditation as tools to aid in the growth of your spiritual love.

Bringing love to the experience is going to take continuous practice and it is every day work. Stay aware of your feelings so you can tell when to apply your love. You must seize opportunities to exercise your loving power in situations that give you an opportunity to grow. Making love the emotion of choice in your life will bring you so much peace over time. Love starts to become an automatic expression in every moment of your life. Maintain your connection to love by reconnecting with your inner self through your inner heart. Prayer, affirmations, and meditation are excellent tools to help you maintain focus and balance in your life.

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