In spring, we often see very strong storms. Many times, the wind blows so hard that trees topple over. This is especially true if the tree is already old, weak or has no foundation of firm roots.

I have a beautiful tree in the middle of my backyard. Last year, while having an annual tree trimming, the service informed me of a deep crack in the middle of the tree. The tree service also told me there was no way to save the tree. Therefore, they suggested I cut the huge tree down. However, my instincts told me differently. Instead of removing the tree, I called another service and asked their opinion. They said that even though the tree was weakened by the crack, it could be strengthened by cabling the trunk together. However, they also warned that there was no guarantee that a very strong wind would not split the tree in two despite any cabling. In the end, I opted to trust my intuition and cable the tree.

Throughout the year, despite my gut telling me that everything would be OK, whenever a strong wind came up, I would watch anxiously to see if the tree could withstand the strain. As each storm came and went, my beautiful tree managed to stay upright, and continued to grow.

Several months ago, it was time again to trim my tree. When the tree service arrived, I inquired about the health of my tree. They showed me the crack in the tree. To my amazement, the tree had begun to heal itself. The cable not only reinforced the strength of the tree, but also allowed it to heal. With this knowledge, the service felt the tree had an excellent chance of living for many years.

Many times, we are like my tree—weak in our foundation. Therefore, we may feel as if we do not have the strength to weather the storms of life. However, you may not realize it, but you have more strength than you know. It is the spirit of God within you. The spirit is the cable that can help you withstand any storm. Furthermore, that cable can renew and heal you. There is no guarantee that you still will not topple over because each of us has choice. Either we can choose to allow the spirit to heal us or, conversely, we can ignore it. Why not recognize the beautiful spirit that is part of you, helping you grow higher and higher, fortifying you against any gust of wind?

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