Spiritual Confusion - Day 1 / Way 1


There are millions of people who are confused about the concept of spirituality. When the word “spiritual” or “spirituality” is used, many folks think of it as uncommon, unexplainable or some “out of this world” occurrence. They don’t see spirituality or spiritual practices as a practical means to solving their problems.

They see money as a practical means of getting what they want or giving to what is important to them, but they don’t consider handling money a spiritual practice. These folks will bite into an apple and say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but don’t consider it a spiritual ritual when they do that. Are you ready for this? If an apple brings you vibrant health - it’s spiritual. If you use money to bring happiness to your life and the lives of others - it’s spiritual.

011314_spirituality185-2Spirituality is practicality, and it’s good common sense to consider yourself a spiritual being for that one simple reason – you’ll be more practical and accomplish a lot more if you do. Over the next five days, I am going to show you (in simple ways), how everything can be considered spiritual, and how you practice spirituality in a thousand different ways, which means you’re unquestionably a spiritual being.


Everything that’s good is spiritual - Day 1 / Way 1:


Ancient text says, “With God, everything is possible.” Perhaps those “brilliant minded” writers, back then, misspelled the word “Good” and spelled the word “God” Instead? They left out an O. “With Good, everything is possible.” With good thoughts; with good intent; with good feelings; with goodness in mind – everything good is possible. If God is spiritual, then Good is spiritual because God certainly is Good. When money is used for Good, it’s spiritual. When you use money for good, you’re being spiritual. Take credit for that.

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