Lost Valley is an 25 year old learning center and Ecovillage located on 88 acres in Dexter, Oregon.
Our mission is to provides affordable housing, access to land, and facilities for an intentional community of educators, entrepreneurs, and cultural evolutionaries, committed to creating a life together in a sustainable way. Our focus is on offering Permaculture Immersion Internships, Permaculture Design Certificate Courses, and transformational gatherings, retreats, and conferences while taking very good care of our community residents.
In the long-term, we plan to replicate our progressive rural model of community development and land stewardship to other locations in the Willamette Cascades, both urban and wild. In the process, through sharing information, resources and expertise, we hope to inspire new generations of developers, land-planners, farmers and foresters, business owners, policy makers, and other community leaders. Together, we can show it’s possible to address our current global crisis by re-localizing our economies and reintegrating our communities with earth-systems that support us.

Alpha Farm is an 50+ year old community located on 280 acres an hour west of Eugene, Oregon.
Alpha Farm is an intentional community of people who have chosen to live and work together to share a more harmonious way of living. At our home in rural western Oregon, we live the largely self-reliant style of a close-knit expanded family. Our purpose is to create a holistic community in harmony with each other and the earth, sharing along the way with the wider community and society. It would be easy, one might think, to become self-indulgent at Alpha; to enjoy life and forget the rest of the world. Yet the purpose of Alpha is not to escape the world, but to answer it - most simply by actively taking responsibility for the part of the world that we touch. It involves becoming more whole. And despite being in the country, our connectedness with society as a group is greater than it ever was for us as individuals. Alpha participates in many gatherings, conferences and conversations, small and large, at the farm and elsewhere. An enlarging network of friends and groups is, each in its own way, contributing to what we sense is an evolving consciousness. Many people are seeking to live more fruitfully and with increased integrity, and by their doing so, the patterns for a more integrated and harmonious era are unfolding.

Shut up and Grow it is a completetly open, consensus based community located on 21 acres in Lafayette, Tennessee. We support the Rainbow Family and offer Disaster relief with our community funded mobile Kitchen.
We are available as a space for families and people to work, prosper, and help each other and the world around us achieve higher states of abundance and peace. We wish to work with all like minded people in an atmosphere of equality which encourages environmental stewardship, beyond sustainable living and well balanced self expression.

These communities and many more are all part of the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty Network.


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We are a Network of Open, Beyond Sustainable, Co-governed Communities, New Paradigm Nonprofits, Cooperative Businesses, Sovereign Beings and Micronations dedicated to spreading Unconditional Love, Healing, Abundance, and Justice.