Mirrors are used in home décor for more than just viewing oneself in them. They reflect light, making a room appear larger than it actually is. Traditionally, they are placed above the sink or vanity table, but you may get creative and try different places throughout the house to hang your mirror, as well as different types of mirrors.

wall mirror

  • Vanity Mirrors for the Bathroom

For obvious reasons, placing a mirror above the sink in the bathroom is the most common option. For applying makeup, shaving, and other tasks, you'll need a large mirror with plenty of light. You might also install a wall mirror with an adjustable arm to easily see the back of your head. A magnifying mirror is also a helpful option for some folks. If you have the funds, you can have your bathroom mirrors above the sink, or at least a portion of it, heated so that it does not fog up after a hot shower. If you frequently dress in the bathroom, consider mounting a full-length mirror on a wall or on the bathroom door.

  • Full-Length Mirror for the Bedroom

In the bathroom, you can do without a full-length mirror, but not in the bedroom. It's necessary when getting ready for the day. If you don't want it on the walls or on the wardrobe door, hang it on the interior of a hinged wardrobe, so it's hidden when the door is closed. Make sure you have enough room in front of the mirror to take a step back and see your full body, ensuring that you don't overlook any fashion mishaps. If you have a small bedroom, getting mirrored wardrobe doors could make your space appear much larger than it is.

  • Round Mirror for the Foyer

Placing a round mirror near your front entrance helps you to make a fast check before leaving the house. If you want to create a lovely little nook, it can also be a really elegant addition. A little circular mirror or an antique can complement your décor. You can put a table or a credenza with a basket behind the mirror to hold your keys, some change, and shades, sanitiser spray, for example. Hooks can be used to hang jackets, dog leashes, and other items.

  • Backsplash Mirror for Kitchen

Using a mirror as a backsplash in a tiny, modern kitchen might be a stunning option. It will give the impression that your kitchen is much larger.

  • Wall Mirrors for Dining Room

Place a mirror over a buffet table against the wall in your dining room to reflect all the delicious food when you have friends over. It is a perfect way to use wall mirrors in the dining area. Alternatively, you can use candles to reflect the lovely light.

  • Full-Length Mirrors in the Living Area

An easy technique to increase the amount of light in the space is to hang a mirror above the fireplace or the sofa. Choose a frame that complements the room's decor, and your full-length mirror will be the cherry on top. The antique-looking frame in the photo below complements the white sofa and wall well, giving the room a traditional feel. If you reside in a house with a non-south facing living room, then using full-length mirrors can increase the amount of lighting and reflection of natural light as well as artificial lighting in the space.

These tips and tricks can definitely help elevate your home's aesthetic and functional value.

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