We are subject to so many different energies right now, we need to find a way to choose what we want to experience. I have meditated for years as a way to manage my sensitivity to the chaotic world we live in. I would “escape” this world and for a time I would experience a blissful state, much like being in the eye of the storm. This served me well as I could emerge from meditation feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to face the chaos of life once again. This was an old energy survival skill and I am so grateful to have learned to meditate. It probably saved my life.

Now in the New Energy Consciousness, it’s not about our consciousness leaving this world, it’s about bringing our souls here, another piece of ascension. I still meditate daily, but the process is quite different. I use my breath to open myself (my heart) to feel all the energies. I just breathe them in, allowing them to float through me. This deep belly breathing brings me present to the now moment and calls up my soul.

I do know my soul is automatically filling my physical body even when I do nothing at all; still I enjoy facilitating the melding of my human and divine. I experience a rush of energy in my core and I directly feel the all-encompassing LOVE my soul has for the human me. It’s deep and rich and reminds me of the truth of who I am. This expanded feeling does not leave me until my mind chimes in at some point.

There are other ways I use my meditation time, which I’ll discuss in future posts. And it’s good to know that as many times as I’ve called up my soul, I feel there is no end to the energy, or to the melding of my soul and my body. I can always fill myself with more of me. It makes sense when you realize that the divine energy is infinite. The stronger this bond becomes for me the more I’m remembering my original purpose for this lifetime, and the more courage I feel to express my creativity—my Createful Soul.

All I had to do was invite my soul closer, and like a long lost love it came rushing home. As I reestablish our relationship and look out from my soul’s perspective I feel the perfection of every step on my path. It’s all been experiences I chose in order to open myself up, to groove with Spirit. My life is not without it’s challenges and I am truly experiencing more and more of my Heaven on Earth.

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I am a Spiritual teacher, Mentor, and Life Coach. Throughout my life, uncovering one’s own true purpose, gifts, talents, and personal Mastery have been the focus of my work with others. I write about experiences of the New Energy Consciousness.

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