Interesting discussions today. I realize the more “popular” the Law of Attraction, personal responsibility and the notion that we create our lives become, the less things change. The same people who believed this and applied it for years, believe and apply it today. The same people who live in the world of victimhood and do-it-for-me world, may spout off the catch phrases, but never apply it in their life.

Today, someone is going to a protest.

Someone else is going for an interview or starting a new business.

Today, someone is blaming the “big corporations” for this economic disaster we are in today.

Some else is paying off their credit card and starting a saving account.

Today, someone is demanding free health care.

Someone else decided to start running and stop smoking.

Today, someone wants to try to save the world.

Someone else is working to really hard to improve their own life.

Today, someone is pointing the finger at “them.”

Someone else is looking in the mirror.

Today, someone is watching yet another rerun on TV.

Someone else started a new Italian language class.

Today, someone is living in fear. It stops them.

Someone else is living in fear. They just do it anyway.

Today, someone decided they will start tomorrow.

Someone else is doing it now.

Today, someone demands that “they” make the changes.

Someone else is teaching themselves to be more tolerant.

Which do you want to be?


Or someone else?

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David Orman is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator. He can be found at