Most of us are time and again concerned about being obese, or maybe gaining some extra inches around the waist at random times in a year. The culprit could be our lifestyles; long working hours, stress, pollution, irregular sleeping hours, little or no time for exercise, or even issues associated with making sure that we always consume a healthy diet.

Alternately, one might be concerned about gaining a few extra pounds after a partying out a few nights. Very often people feel that the weight is easy to put on, but difficult to lose. Efforts sometimes go in vain and at times, all that we try somehow doesn't seem to work out.

Dieting to lose weight is a strategy that fails to work for many people. These strategies could backfire, and one can end up gaining the lost weight, just within a matter of a few months. This is mainly because when one sticks to a weight loss diet, the body slowly and gradually triggers a starvation alert. So some hormonal changes take place, these could be accompanied by some hunger pangs and one simply regains the weight that he had lost.

If one does intend to lose weight by making some changes in his diet, he must try and make sure that he makes small and gradual changes, the kind that are sustainable. And the same would have a greater impact over the metabolism. As the body gets used to the new dietary regimen, chances of a rebound are fewer.

Apart from one's diet, another strategy which is very successful for effectively losing weight is strength training. And what makes strength training one of the best ways of losing weight is that burning calories is directly related to the amount of muscle mass one has. If one has more muscle mass, the body can burn calories more effectively.

Strength training or weight training is different from aerobic exercises, and if one intends to avoid visiting the gym, one could keep some simple exercise equipment, like kettle bells and hand weights at home, and use them to do a variety of strength training workouts.

Another very basic lifestyle change that can work very effectively towards ensuring weigh loss is making sure that consumption of fat fighting foods in our diets is high. As an example, apple is said to be a fine and effective fat burning food. This is high in pectin, which combines with water and ensures that fat absorbing capacity of our bodies is reduced. And being full of fibres, an apple makes us feel full, so one's appetite is curbed. So it is very often recommended to eat an apple half an hour before having your meals.

Another effective way towards weight loss is making sure that we get the right amount of sleep every day. When our sleeping patterns are disturbed, we crave for more energy foods like chips and sodas, and as a combined effect, we end up accumulating some extra pounds.

But when we routinize our sleeping patterns, it helps us reduce weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Our metabolic rates are highest when we sleep. This allows our bodies to burn more of fat, and these simple changes in one's lifestyle and everyday being can effectively work towards ensuring weight loss and an enhanced feel good factor.

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