How does diabetes affect an individual?

Diabetes can affect any part of the body, but one can keep these problems at bay by keeping blood sugar levels in check. Here are some of the ways in which diabetes can affect an individual.

1. Heart

- Diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure and stroke and further enhances chances of being obese.

2. Blurred Vision

- If one suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels can cause blood vessels in the eye to swell up and force a liquid in the retina of the eye, which may lead to blurred vision. If you notice frequent changes in your eyesight, it is recommendable get a checkup for diabetes.

3. Kidneys

- In diabetes nephropathy or a kidney disease caused by diabetes, kidneys' ability to filter out waste is affected as the blood vessels in the organ are damaged.

4. Numbness and Weakness

- Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage nerve endings or blood vessels that bring oxygen to the nerves. Damaged nerves may start sending messages slowly and lead to numbness in arms or legs, and this could affect digestive tract or heart.

5. Feet

- Nerve damage or circulation related ailments caused by diabetes can affect the feet and injuries may take longer to heal. Pressure points on feet could develop blisters or sores and one may experience cuts, swelling or infected toenails. One must take extra precaution to prevent injury to feet if he suffers from diabetes.

6. Digestion

- Delayed gastric emptying is caused by diabetes and in this health condition, the stomach takes too long to empty itself. This may cause heartburn, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite or spasms on stomach walls.

7. Oral Health

- People who suffer from diabetes are more prone to having problems with teeth or gums. Sore or swollen gums and teeth that bleed on brushing are signs of gingivitis which is caused by diabetes.

8. Response to cold or flu

- A person who is not well is sometimes not able to eat properly and when a person is suffering from diabetes, this may increase the blood glucose levels. Similarly as diabetes affects the immunity, it makes an individual more vulnerable to flu.

What Is It That Increases One's Chances of Contracting Diabetes?

You have a higher risk of contracting diabetes, if you are:-

- 45 years or older of age.

- Overweight or obese.

- Have a parent, brother or sister who has diabetes

- Have had gestational diabetes at some time in the past

- If your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher

- If your cholesterol levels are higher than normal

- If you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, also called PCOS

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