The Dussehra fever has gripped the nation, and all are anticipating the festival with joy and fervor.

The Dussehra fever has gripped the nation, and all are anticipating the festival with joy and fervor. The entire nation is a delight to look at during the festive holidays of Dussehra and Diwali. It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

And as a new custom with the Indian perspective in mind, we often find, kids living away from their native place as they grow up. But during the festive times of Dussehra and Diwali, people take an opportunity to meet up with their family, organize poojas, meet up with the siblings and close friends, maybe even visit fetes.

One of the major attractions for Dussehra, especially for the kids is a fete in which a huge structure of demon king Ravana is created, and it is filled with fireworks. And on the Dussehra night, it is put to fire, such that there is a beautiful display of fireworks.

There is a beautiful folklore attached with Dussehra. This is taken from the mythological story of Ramayana, in which the demon king Ravana abducts Seeta Mata, the wife of Lord Rama. So with the help of monkey God Hanuman, Lord Ram crosses over to Lanka and kills the Demon king Ravana with his arrow. Dussehra thus marks the victory of good over evil.

Celebrations for Dussehra are often very elaborate. As an example, in Gujarat, and now even in the metro cities, there are extensive celebrations for the dandiya raas, in which women and men celebrate the Navratris by playing Garba.

Dussehra is very often celebrated with poojas, gifts and socializing in Indian households. Looking your best for Dussehra brings out a totally different essence from the occasion.

We often find people dressed up very smartly for Dussehra, very often in smart and chic formals.

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Heartiest Dussehra Greetings!

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