Wholesalers. are the ones who risk huge money in a trial to earn good profits in just one or two deals. After deciding which products to deal in, they come across a viable decision of choosing the right supplier for their business. In the start, many wholesalers make wrong souring decisions and end up with losses. The reason behind it is that they penetrate into the industry without getting enough information on wholesale industry and the way it can be profitable for them.

Almost 99 percent of the Wholesale Suppliers who operate online are scam artists. They trap newbies and confiscate their money by attracting them with their dirt price offers. If you don’t know what and where to source from, you are sure to fail in the wholesale industry. This article suggests some do’s and don’ts that will help wholesalers in making a wise and diligent souring decision.


1. Do buy direct from the manufacturers and try to eliminate intermediaries that come between you and your supplier. Establish contacts with the manufacturers so that they sell to you directly at rock bottom prices. This is because factory rate is always less as compared to that of Wholesale Distributors. Avoid intermediaries and don’t let them thrive on your cost.

2. Do remember that your preference should be to source from low cost supplier that provides high quality goods. If some suppliers promise dirt cheap prices, don’t go for it unless you are assured of the quality. Ask for the quotations and samples from various suppliers and choose the one that is high in quality and least in cost.

3. Do place small initial order. Buy few items to check the delivery times and to match the quality of the wholesale products with the quality of the samples. If you place large orders at once and later on the supplier turns out to be a conman, your whole money can be wasted. So, always place small order in the start and once the trust is developed then move on to larger volumes.


1. Don’t source from a fake supplier. Always conduct proper research and strict background check on him and if he is false, steer clear of him. You can checkout his website addresses, website outlook, quality of contact and can also ask him for the references of previous served customers to know about him in details. Don’t place your orders to them unless you are satisfied about their legitimacy.

2. Don’t place your order to a supplier who uses untraceable and unsecured mode of wire transfers. Always rely on authentic source or Payments via Paypal. If you find supplier using “Money Gram” and “Western Union” or especially if they belong to the counties like Ukraine or Romania or Nigeria, always suspect them and go in depth research as mostly these are the illegal suppliers who disappear once they accept payments from you.

3. Don’t forget to place your order to a supplier who provides free delivery service and has a policy to accept returns. Sourcing from the suppliers that provide insurance of goods in the transit should always be preferable. Though these are the minor things yet if you are wise in indentifying them, you can surely save your good souring costs.

Just stick to these do’s and don’ts and get ready to make a wise souring decision!

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William King is the director of Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Distributors, Wholesale Products and Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.