Soon after the young students do their matriculation, they need some kind of guidance about their career, hence they head towards a counselor. The counselor is the one who tells the young kids that what options do they have and give them advice about their career choices and life. The kids at this age are young and have a lot of zeal in them, having many dreams in their eyes, they further take admission in any good intermediate college in Pakistan.

Intermediate is the level where you have to make important decisions

Well, where you belong to, specifies the college you would join. If you belong to Punjab, or KPK, you would join the intermediate college in Punjab and KPK, and if you belong to Balochistan or Sindh, then you would join the college in your province, be it Balochistan or Sindh. Anyhow, taking admission is one thing, the bigger question is what you want to study, and either you want to pursue engineering or medicine. These are the two major fields, most of the candidates like to take, the pre-engineering will take you to engineering field and pre-medical would lead your path towards medicine.

intermediate college in Pakistan

How you have imagined your life? You want to be a doctor or an engineer

All the responsibility comes on your shoulders. You have to decide, what you enjoy studying more and how you imagined your future as. If you enjoy mathematics, and good with technical stuff, then you can opt for engineering, and if you do not have a technical mindset, and you enjoy studying about nature, human body and diseases then you can opt for medicine. You reached the intermediate level, this is the place which will decide your future. You can take admission in a good pre engineering college in Pakistan or a good pre-medical college. There are students who would want to move out and do their intermediate from foreign, then they might look for a good international pre medical college or engineering college, and pursue their studies outside.

Apart from disciplines in sciences, some students want to pursue humanities

Our education system has produced many successful professionals, who made name for themselves and for the country. Pakistan has produced some great doctors and engineers who contributed to make this world better. But, you can make different choices apart from engineering and medicine only, you may choose to study art or humanities and make name for yourself in the field, you can pursue accounting & finance or business management, or computer sciences and do what you enjoy doing.

Graduate programs

Once you are done with your intermediate, you can further get admission in the medical college or the engineering college, where you graduate in the discipline, and get the doctors or engineer’s degree. There are ADP programs (associated degree programs) offered as well, these are two year programs consisting on four semesters, these degrees are also equivalent to bachelors and offered in many different subjects. It’s all up to you how want to lead your life, so know about everything and then make a wise decision.

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