Yikes! I’ve got a problem. Get it off me!

Think about clients unsolved problems like it’s a ‘thing’ that’s attacked them. Imagine the problem being a huge blood sucking bug from an alien planet that’s attached itself to your ideal target’s spinal fluid.

That ‘bug’ is simultaneously injecting your clients with weird, alien, microscopic robots the size of individual cells while draining their life force. If you don’t do something quick to help them, those microscopic size robots will take their lives over.

This problem is so intrusive and foreign to them to ‘have’ that, they are freaking out about it. They feel totally screwed about how to resolve it and completely stuck in life as a result of the infestation.

Now that you’ve got that image in your mind, what are you going to do to help them get unscrewed? Think of your clients like your friends or your family. Make it your personal mission to help them because deep down, it’s your nature to love people and wish them well.

How To Do It?

First, think about what you can do for them. Forget about making money first. Compassionately think about THEM and how you can help them. If you were in that position, you’d want help to get that problem off your back, right? Well, imagine that YOU are the one having the bug suck the life out of YOU. You’d want immediate help, right? What is one simple no-cost thing you can do to help? Write that in an article and publish it for all to read.

Now imagine your target market is either male or female. What is the way they prefer to get help? Believe it or not, your target market’s brain contains minor design differences for males compared with females. That’s the reason why it's crucial for you to speak ‘male’ to your male target audiences and ‘female’ to your female target audiences.

When you do this, your genderized niche knows you understand them. Before anybody will buy from you, they must first trust you. The first step to developing that genuine provider to customer/client rapport, you must speak their language. And they must know you're speaking their language.

How do you know how to do that generally? Understand generally what's important to males and what's important to females. Do NOT use a shotgun approach trying to talk to both males and females in your niche in the same sales piece. Use this distinctive marketing knowledge in your marketing copy.

Brain researchers who study the differences between how the male and female brain functions reveal some interesting study results. Once you understand this basic knowledge hardwired into every human brain, you can use it to be more effective in your marketing.

A caveat to using this scientific brain chemistry, function and structure knowledge: your first priority to serving your niche better be that you genuinely care about helping your target solve their problem. If you use this knowledge to manipulate sales unethically, your target will know it and poor sales will result.

Here are the things that are important to men and the very different things that are important to women. Use it in marketing copy to clearly show you know how to quickly, easily and effectively get that life sucking bug off your clients’ back:

Men long to feel



3)appreciated for their efforts and contributions;

4)admired for what they do;

5)approved of when they do what they do;

6)encouraged to keep doing what they’re doing;

7)credited for what they do and,

8)never criticized for what they do.

When you include these human brain 'male language' concepts in your marketing copy males know you understand them. To get what's bugging them off their back, include these ‘male language’ concepts in marketing copy to attract a male market niche.

Women long to feel and be shown they are

1)cared for and that their dreams, feelings and goals are cared about;

2)understood when they express their unique views;

3)genuinely respected just as they are without having to first ‘prove’ that her needs, wants and desires are just as important as somebody else’s needs, wants and desires;

4)treated with genuinely loyalty and devotion;

5) seen as being just as important for their contributions as men are for theirs;

6)in a reassuring way, that people in her camp will be there for her even if her viewpoints differ from theirs;

7)respected for who she is (rather than for what she does);

8)never criticized for who she is;

9) and never criticized for being unable to physically, mentally and emotionally do what somebody else can do, and

10) acknowledged as valued for who she is rather than for what she can or cannot do.

(Reference: Differences between male and female brain values, Beverly Keyes Taylor, CH, Brain Chemistry Technology for Practitioners, Easy Key To Life dot com – trained by Dr. John Gray of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus fame)

To show you know how to get women relief from what's upsetting them, include these ‘female language’ concepts in your marketing copy for a female niche.

Deliver your marketing message in the way your male and female prospects need to hear it. Doing so, you can quickly and easily increase your sales conversion rates and speed up sales cycles.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Fox, a freelance writer, certified clinical hypnotist, brain dialog researcher increases sales conversion rates and speeds up sales cycles for her clients.