This post is a troubleshooting guide to manage three main common Alexa setup & connectivity issues that bother every user anyway. The following check these out one by one.

Problem1: Alexa won’t connect to my Wi-Fi.

If you are unable to set up Alexa with Wi-Fi or facing continuous dropped Wi-Fi connectivity then you should check following:
Restart your Echo and Router both, power off and turn back on after few seconds.
Check if your other devices are accessing internet well then check the placement of your echo device and router, these should be placed in allowed distance to stay correctly connected.
Check the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, the more the devices, the more chances of network congestion.
Reposition your Echo to above ground level,i.e., a bookshelf or cuboid top, to avoid any signal interference.

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Problem2: Alexa won’t connect to other devices

One of Alexa’s considerable talents is its ability to assist as a voice-controlled smart home hub with the full range of smart home devices from various renowned brands. However, you first have to set up Alexa with these devices to experience the next level of luxury.

In case you are unable to set up Alexa with another device you should check if your device is compatible with Alexa Echo and the follow the Alexa setup instructions carefully. The only compatible device can work after setup with Echo.

Problem 3: Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth devices.

Echo dot and Echo plus has an excellent sound quality and works as best Bluetooth speakers to make your home disco-ready. But for that, you need to setup echo dot with your Bluetooth device to pair this duo. In case you are unable to pair your Echo with Bluetooth devices, do the following

First of all, check the battery status of your Bluetooth device.
Unpair and repair echo with your device through Alexa app.
Also, check or reset Bluetooth connectivity settings in your device.

Unfortunately, if nothing works, you should contact Alexa experts. Get instant help with Echo dot setup issues. Call us.

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