Before I did a sohba Digital Marketing agency event, I was so overwhelmed. I knew what I wanted, but the strategy and how to get there held me back. I kept getting stuck. I had so much information in my head that I didn’t know where to start. Max and Mike are great. What I love about these guys is that they are so real. I’ve been to many coaching events and what I mean by ‘real’ is that they really care. Max is so patient and Mike is amazing. They really care and they want really you to succeed.
Why You Need Other Women Around You (And Your Marketing)


Ever have days when you feel like you’re alone in business? Like you’re tapping away at your computer, trying to work on new angles for your marketing, testing out new offers, attempting to make sense of your social media stats and wishing you had some other people who ‘get it and you’ to bounce everything off?


Marketing, in particular marketing yourself online, can feel overwhelmingly hard. It can be danger to put yourself out there. It can be confusing to know exactly what technology to use or what exactly you should do with all your online marketing funnels.

We totally get it. We know exactly what it’s like to be working on your business and feeling disconnected. Feeling disconnected is such a common ailment – weird, when you think we live in a world that is more connected than ever before.


Women need community. They really do… check out this article on why women need friendship!

Sohba Digital marketing services has a mission to support and positively impact 10,000 women globally in the next 5 years. And it all starts with community. That’s why we really wanted to focus on creating a great community; a community where women feel like they can celebrate their successes, share their frustrations, ask questions and really feel like they are growing as part of the group.

We know how important it is to feel like you’re surrounded by other like-minded women; women who get what it’s like to be in business for yourself.

If you are currently a woman in business who is interested in doing more with their online marketing,then Sohba Digital Marketing Company team are with you to grow your business.

Lately we have been seeing a common trend in small businesses when it comes to solving the problem of having a consistent presence on social media. The option? To hire in-house.

Whilst on face value there is nothing wrong with wanting to grow your team and expand, the real problems start when the business owner attempts to cut corners with the new hire. To help you avoid these mistakes we have put together a short list of key concepts to take into consideration when exploring the in-house marketing hire.

Hire based on ‘genius – too many times we see job advertisements requesting: Receptionist/Social Media Manger Required. A quality social media manager is just that. Their genius and expertise is in the development of a social media strategy that will provide direct ROI. Skilled individuals like this are very unlikely to also be looking to answer your phone. Need a receptionist? Try a virtual one – we recommend: Office HQ.
Ensure your new hire has ‘the goods’ – when interviewing or selecting the new candidate make sure that they can quantify past results with hard data.
Get clear – we see too many business owners make the hire or take on an agency to help with online marketing, only to ‘pass the buck’ as fast as possible. Yes, we get it, you are spending money to have someone take care of this but just a small amount of your time invested to discuss your required outcomes and agreement to strategy increases the likelihood that you will be happy with your investment in the future.

Check in – like any employee on your team, make sure to schedule regular check-ins with your new marketing hire. This way the lines of communication can remain open and you can actively manage their output.
Not sure where to start? At sohba digital marketing agency Social we love helping businesses just like you grow online. We provide personalised strategy and can also deliver high level training for your team. Call us on:+92 300 232 4830 to arrange a no obligation chat about your business and how you can shine ever so elegantly online.

There is no escaping it. If you are wanting to have great presence online and be at the forefront of your customers mind when they make a buying decision – you need to be present online. One of the best ways to do that is to publish great content and make sure you are sharing across the relevant social media platforms.

We often get asked by time poor business owners how to best streamline creating content. Our answer: Create Content Pillars. So we thought we’d share the steps in doing this so you can start doing this too.

If you were to think about your business and all the content you could share/create with your audience top level, you could probably split this niche into smaller sub-niches or sub-headings. For example if you were a beauty spa you might create the pillars: Face | Make Up | Body | New Treatments. Or if you own a restaurant you might create the pillars: Dish Of The Day/Week | What’s In Season | Wines
Once you have settled on your pillars create 4-5 posts within each pillar. If you are struggling to think of things to write about, we find have a style of post helps. Style of posts can be: How To Posts, Checklist Posts, Top Tips Posts. So if you were that beauty spa working on the ‘Face’ Pillar you might create: How To Wash Your Face In Under 30 Seconds, Our Secret Products For Glowing Skin Checklist, Salon x Top Tips For Luminous Skin…..
Batch your content. Never try to post something off the fly. We find this approach usually leads to inconsistent content being produced, or worse still, no content! top digital marketing agency Schedule a time every few weeks to sit down and write 4-5 posts so you always have content ready to share.
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