Quitting an addiction can be tough; it can fatigue one out. But one seriously intends to get over the addiction and get on with his life.

It's all in the mind, but there are some ways that can help you overcome an addiction and enjoy the freedom! One is invariably trying, but the first strategy is to try harder still. And it is but natural to be caught in a state of dilemma.

One thinks about the embarrassment that the addiction has bought to him, and makes up his mind to quit before it's too late. But this can fatigue one out, and temptation kicks in. This is something that is expected. The best way to quit an addiction is the cold turkey method i.e. quitting once and for all, but sometimes, it just ceases to work, and the experience can be heartbreaking.

It's fine if one is not able to quit an addiction in a single go. Very often, people have to try many times over before they can finally quit an addiction. And if one is not able to quit in a single go, one must work towards bringing the addiction under control.

Bringing an addiction under check can go a long way in enabling one to regain charge of his life, and this can be the first step towards quitting. One must work towards toning down the addiction, and minimize it to the absolute minimum. This may work by going for the substance within very controlled limits in the case of an absolute temptation, and ignoring lesser urges altogether. One might feel that one is being hard on oneself, and a certain degree of negativity may take over, but this can be an important step towards getting over an addiction.

Sometimes, even as one tries to tone down the addiction, one is not able to quit. And the individual may end up feeling that he is powerless before the addiction.

But in reality, no one wants to live with the tag of an alcoholic or an addict. One has to understand that he need not give up before an addiction. He must recognize that he has the strength to get over the addiction and get his life back on track. One must know that he is not powerless before an addiction, and must create the life he deserves.

Addiction recovery is nowadays taken as a study on scientific lines. This involves brain imaging technologies, which let us know how the brain reacts to various pleasurable experiences which may be derived from behaviors, or even psychotic substances like drugs or alcohol. Treatments are created on the same lines, and these could be in form of medications, self-help, psychotherapy or even rehabilitation programs. This works on a better understanding of medical science, which explains that genetics may have a role in addiction, and some people may have an inherent tendency towards addiction, which is not necessarily a particular type of addiction. In the same way, treatment effective for de-addiction of one substance can be very effective when used for de-addiction of some other substance.

Working by using any of these strategies shows an individual's commitment towards getting over an addiction, and leading a life which is happier, substantive and free from any risks that an addiction may involve.

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