The color of the snakeskin usually reveals the dreamer’s current mood or emotional state. Bellow I will describe the most common meanings of snakes in your dreams:

Black Snake

A black snake in a dream usually symbolizes what you consider unfair, abusive, or improper in life; perhaps a situation, entity or individual with an absence of values, limits or norms. You may have recurrent dreams of black snakes if you dealing in wake life with a situation, entity or individual with an absence of values, limits or norms.

Black and Red Snake 

Seeing black and red snakes in a dream means that you are feeling angry and upset, and at the same time, very afraid, as a consequence of potential issues in your near future. And it can also reveal a growing frustration with yourself due to specific personal situations that you can’t easily solve.

Brown Snake

Dreams of brown snakes, vipers or cobras might be announcing that you are having an intense desire to get rid of perturbing personal relations in real life. Perhaps you are acknowledging the need to avoid or ditch thoughts, attitudes, emotions or habits that are being harmful in your relationships. 

It is possible you are feeling ashamed of having self-defeating attitudes or reactions in your interaction with people close to you.

Gold Snake

Seeing a gold snake in a dream means sudden troubles, arguments of feuds as a consequence of money management in your life. Indeed, dreaming of golden vipers or golden snakes reveals many concerns about financial matters in the dreamer’s unconscious mind. 

Dreaming of golden snakes can reveal the dreamer’s fear over missing or wasting valuable opportunities.

Green Snake

An intimidating green snake is showing the dreamer’s envy or jealousy; perhaps she has sadness and sorrow for the happiness or success of others.  


This dream might be pointing to the existence of strong fears of losing something worthy (material, emotional or physical) in life, which would be fueling your own personal insecurity. Perhaps you find yourself in a personal circumstance where you believe that your current position in your family, work or relationship is at risk of deterioration or loss.


Red Snake

A red snake in dreams is considered as a warning sign to stop and reconsider key personal decisions you have made or actions you are planning to take.

This dream usually shows intense and negative emotions such as anger, rage, bitterness, which would prompt you to react aggressively. The red snake then displays your desire to respond aggressively to a personal situation that looks unfair or intimidating.

White Snake

Some experts in the study of dreams consider a white snake as an image conveying the notion of absence of emotions or the lack of enthusiasm for life. If that is your case, dreaming with creatures of this color means that you may not have enough emotional energy to quickly react in the face of current tough circumstances. 

Perhaps you feel that there is no enough enthusiasm to continue with a relationship or a personal situation.

Yellow Snake

This dream may be indicating that you are worried about something disrupting the normal development of your daily routine or personal plans. 

Seeing a yellow viper or python in your dream means that you are probably showing crippling indecision at the moment of making a big decision or assuming greater responsibility.

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