A study of more than 1 million women shows that if we stop smoking at 30 years old, will not suffer the health consequences associated with smoking.

Smoking takes at least ten years in the life of women, but the risk can be significantly reduced if you quit smoking early enough, according to a new study.

Scientists reached this conclusion after examining data from more than 1 million women in the UK, attracted to the study aged 50 to 65 years and followed a healthy attitude for the next 12 years. Initially, 20% of women were smokers, 28% were former smokers, and 52% had never had a cigarette. Participants who still smoked were three times more likely to die over the next nine years compared with nonsmokers. This suggests that two thirds of women who die in the midst of their 50, 60 and 70 years, the result of smoking.

Risk among smokers is rising dramatically depending on the amount of cigarettes smoked per day, but even women who smoked one to nine cigarettes a day were at higher risk than non-smokers. Another finding of the researchers was that women who had stopped smoking before the age of 40 years old, escaped the increased risk by 90%, while those who smoked since before the age of 30, escaped over 97% of the increased risk in the study age category.

If women smoke like men will die as men - but, no matter men or women - smokers who quit before age 30, won back about ten years of his life, said study author Sir Richard Fifth of Oxford University.

It is never too late to quit smoking.

Stopping smoking is beneficial regardless of age.

Former smokers live longer than those who continue to smoke, no matter what age group it is. This according to a new meta-analysis of 17 studies. This is the first time that examines the relationship between smoking and mortality in the elderly.

According to Dr. Hermann Brenner of the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, told Reuters, even the older people who have smoked cigarettes for their entire lives without apparent adverse health effects should be encouraged and supported to stop smoking.

Researchers found that smokers over the age of 60 years is 83% more likely to die earlier than non-smokers - their peers. For example, they give British study that traces the life of doctors for half a century and found that 59% of smokers among them were alive at the age of 80 years compared with only 26% of smokers.

To the comments accompanying analysis, Dr. Tai Hing Lam, University of Hong Kong said that the findings show - one of every two adult smokers will be killed by tobacco. "Most smokers underestimate stupid risks that are exposed," he said. Many elderly people who still smoke are mistaken belief that they are too old to quit smoking, or not to have any benefit.

The studies included in the meta-analysis had a duration of 3 to 50 years and include a total of over 1 million people.

Scientists often overestimate the risks of being a former smoker and underestimate the benefits of quitting. That's because former smokers participating in research may have stopped smoking as a result of disease, increasing their risk of earlier death.

Never too late to stop smoking - no matter what age we are, but it is particularly effective before we become sick with something serious. According to the aforementioned survey of British doctors, those who quit before the age of 40, had the same performance in mortality rate as those who had never in his life did not smoke.

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