Ladies please, it is time to be proud of what you are, male or female doesn’t really count. Equality should be encouraged but not on the platform of competition rather on the pedestal of usefulness. If you know what I know, you would realise that to be fighting for equality with men is to reduce your worth. Ignorance, ignorance is the reason you fight to be equal with men. Let me finish, crucify me not, I am not Jesus Christ you know.

Now answer this, when has it ever be told that something better is trying to equate itself with something lesser? I am not saying you are better than men. Relax, be cool baby. Now think about this for a moment, what if you are actually better than the men you are trying to be, out do or compete with? Don’t you think trying to bring yourself down to the level of equality with them therefore would be ridiculous? Don’t tell me you don’t know, it is possible that you are actually the better.

You think am bluffing, the answer is hidden in nature. You can be smaller but better, you can be the second but the most updated. Alright, lets use the computer am using to type this as our example. Which is better, Ada Lovelace’s giant system or the modern day Laptop? Of course the modern day laptop, why? Because it is better though smaller, an upgrade of the big/first. The first is not always the best. The first in most cases is still an experiment; subsequent ones have the benefit of improvement.

They said God created man first and that made him superior. Agreed, what is created first can be superior by virtue of being the first or at least as a potential artifact, but that doesn’t make it better. I quite believe God actually created man first as the big stronger version but then came the woman, the improved smaller yet better version. First it was just man, but was later upgraded to a woman, which mean womb-man, womb added to the man.

The man is bigger, like the big computer, he can intimidate the woman. But the woman is smaller, also like the micro-computers, she possesses a larger memory, faster mode and more pretty outlook. Yet both are called computers, useful in their own field and times. It is not a question of superiority or inferiority but a question of importance.

The importance of both cannot be over emphasized. The first though big, strong and of lesser devices is the reason for the modern. The modern smaller, better and faster system came as a result of the former. Without the first there wouldn’t be any second. If the woman prides herself of being the mother of life, she should not forget that she original has a source, the man. Even in modern science the smaller versions are designed from the bigger versions.

Like the micro-age has taught us small doesn’t means less and big doesn’t necessarily means better, both are important in their own sphere. Big or smaller has nothing to do with superiority.

Can we please come out from the circle of competition and start living instead of spending valuable time debating who is the better? Everyone is better, good and valuable. The man is first they say, it is alright, let the man remain the artifact, and let the woman remain the modern, faster and prettier version. But let no one capitalise on another’s weakness to manipulate or put in subjection, it is an offence against nature who is a witness and watches over us all.

Author's Bio: 

AUSTIN IMORU is the founder/facilitator of Sisters House of Esteem [SHE], an NGO, educating and redirecting young ladies, operational from Edo State of Nigeria. Austin had his first degree at the most sorted after University in Nigeria, the University of Benin, where he studied English and Literature. He had his Certification in Professional Coaching (CPC), Certificate in Small Business Management and Certificate in Management & Leadership. He is a research writer cum public speaker. He is passionate about helping people get what they want out of life.