It is hard to believe the number of people who choose to ignore skin care.

In essence, skin care is very important.

At a very medical point of view, skin is the largest organ in the human body, and also the heaviest. The primary function is to protect the internal organs and manage body temperature.

When it becomes hot, we sweat and the body temperature is regulated. So regular cleaning is important so that the pores stay clean.

However in practice caring for skin goes further. In fact, we are all aware that skin care forms one of the very basics of grooming. If someone intends to apply makeup, cleaning up the skin prior to the same is very important. It becomes all the more important because in the present day living environment, one comes across pollution, which becomes all the more prominent when one is travelling.

So cleaning up the skin is important, and so is a skin care regimen. Sometimes, a simple facewash which you use two or three times a day can do the trick.

However, in the fast paced life that we lead, sometimes we come to realize that we find no time as such for skin care. We wake up in the morning to prepare meals for our kids and send them over to school, and by that time, we come to realize that we only have time to rush to office.

In the cars, buses or while riding two wheelers, we face pollution.

At workplace, we again face a hectic day which does the skin no good. Stress fatigues out the skin like nothing else. But we come to realize that we might not have too much of a choice at that.

Then when we return to our homes during rush hours, the pollution levels are at the highest because the pollution collects in the air all through the day.

At the end of the day, people may choose to do away with a skin care routine altogether.

But skin care too is important for some very specific reasons.

Bright and glowing skin boosts the feel good factor and takes it high by many degrees!

Moreover, if you look good and feel great, it gives you a much brighter chance of succeeding in your career endeavors. You get along better with your boss and colleagues.

Similarly you'd come to realize that you suddenly become more popular among your friends and more desirable in all circles.

Moreover, even your kids and spouse would find you to be more desirable.

Most importantly, with a proper skin care regimen, the self esteem is enhanced. You feel better about yourself, you are nicer to everyone and more like to succeed in life and career.

Take time out, it's worth it!

Proper skin care even ensures that you tackle a problem, something like an acne outbreak with more grace, and the problem leaves by itself in no time.

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