Understandably so, much has been said and discussed about relationships by people all around the world –including relationships experts. One of the most deliberated points that are argued is: how to keep a relationship. Below is a compiled list of tested and proven tips on how to keep a relationship. By implementing these tips, you will have a happy, successful and fulfilling relationship.

Tip #1
Love is the foundation of any relationship. If you love a person you will always make them happy and treat them well. Do the things that make both of you happy and fulfilled. If your lady enjoys a good laugh, then make her laugh. If your man enjoys watching football, take time to watch it with him. Although these little things seem minor, they are very important to keep a relationship alive and strong.

Tip #2
Communication is vital in any relationship. There are different ways that you can communicate with your partner and choosing when, where and how is very important. Different aspects of a relationship need to be addressed in a different manner. When it comes to intimate matters, choose the right time to do it. Always address the subject with care and love. Let your partner know what you expect of them in order to have an open relationship. Each person should be given a chance to air their grievances and this way nobody will feel side lined or left out.

You can communicate in so many different ways: via the internet, the phone, texting, Facebook etc. Take time to call and write each other love messages throughout the day. Even simply kissing each other goodbye when one of you leaves the house is a healthy sign of love and affection. Let your loved one feel that you think about them throughout the day.

Tip #3
Honesty is another area that many couples fall short. Be truthful to your partner and avoid lying. Keeping a relationship requires transparency. Honesty is crucial to the success of any relationship. How do you feel when someone lies to you? I can imagine the look on your face even as you imagine your spouse lying to you. So you get my point. What I know about honesty, is that if a person tells a lie and the person that has been lied to discovers the truth; a gap is created in the relationship. The window of doubts and suspicions may be difficult to close thereafter and this is many relationships ending. A relationship is nothing without trust. Always try to remain as honest as you would want your partner to be.

Tip #4
Respect should also be a major factor into keeping a relationship because without respect then there wouldn’t be any love. If you love a person, then you will respect them. Respect and love are synonymous to one another though they are often misused. By respecting someone does not mean bowing down to their every need or accepting everything they say even if it is wrong. It simply means that every opinion raised by either partner should be treated with equal importance and if it is a problem that needs to be solved, it should be solved without any concern.

Tip #5
Understanding your spouse speaks volumes. Each and every person has flaws. Nobody in this world was born perfect. Take time to know your partner and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Treat each other with understanding and love. When something has not been done within your expectations correct each other through understanding.

Tip #6
Don’t underestimate the power of doing things together. Do the things you enjoy doing together. You can choose to go out to dinner together, go horse riding, swimming or other hobbies among other things while you explore each other’s world. This also allows time to bond and know each other better. A woman feels that her man is taking her feelings into consideration and is making an effort to treat her well if he finds time for her and makes an effort to spend time with her.

In summary keeping a relationship does not need to be difficult. You both need to carve out time for each other and ensure you are open and honest in your communication.

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