Why did I feel it necessary to get "help" and get a coach?
My simple story.
In 1994 I hit a wall. I was "sick and tired of being sick and tired" emotionally. While my self-employment was earning me a good living, many things around me were going unglued and I was turning far more frequently to mood altering substances and behaviours to "escape". I did not really like who I saw in the mirror and felt a soul pain inside. I had learned to shut down or drown out the small quiet voice of good inside.
My life was not in balance and my marriage was at the brink of failure.
I had truly thought I could fix or control things myself, and was in conscious denial to myself on how bad things really were. My ego was large, my self-esteem low and this caused a huge conflict. Ever felt that way?
In my early life, I had been a decent athlete and "coaches" had helped me to perform at higher levels and showed me how to push myself. They listened and supported at a time when I needed to be heard and supported. Thanks to great coaches I stayed in school and gained a measure of self-confidence. I knew coaching worked in the sports arena and today appreciate the huge impact coaches had on my life in total.
When I hit the wall in 1994, I turned to "professional" coaches in specialized areas to help me deal with specific issues. Among them were professionals in marriage and relationships, substance abuse and a psychologist. Later in my recovery I have used a "Life Coach", Career Coach and a Psychiatrist as well as my family doctor. All this done by a person most of the world thought was reasonably well adjusted. Thank god for the help I got.
I got more professional help through a well known treatment centre and this included spiritual help, certainly not religious. Over and above, I have received "free" help through a 12 step fellowship and "friends", including a sponsor, from within this fellowship.
The result.
At 46 I was able to dramatically transform my life. Not to a "perfect" or trouble free life, but to a life where I respect myself, love others honestly, set goals and achieve them through action, give back to others and my community and generally enjoy life. I have been blessed to be a participant in continuous learning and in 2008 was able to go back to school and gain professional qualifications as a coach. This, combined with my genuine love of people, has allowed me to qualify as a professional coach and to help others achieve what they determine to be success. The last 16 years have been the largest period of growth and personal achievement in my life and I owe it to getting outstanding coaching.
So the answer to the original question.
Once I parked my ego, I got coaching to help me identify the skills I had, set goals and use the skills and tools acquired. I wanted a "real life" and could not do it on my own.
This is my personal experience and the reason I am so privileged to share and work with others. Want to talk? I am a trained listener and am here to offer you support

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