"Imagination is preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein

My time in Byron Bay cleared the decks for something new. You see, I LOVE my life - wonderful husband, great health and I'm in awesome physical shape (and getting better too!), money flows abundantly, I work with amazing clients, I love the work I do in leadership and law of attraction, and my home is being transformed as we speak into a glorious sanctuary of creativity and comfort. All this has a come as a result of previewing the future, rehearsing this glorious present in my mind's eye, and being open to receiving and allowing it to happen - whilst taking inspired action.

It's good. Really good. And I'm ready for more. But what? Without a deliberate creation habit, things manifest by default. And I want the good stuff I choose, not just stuff that washes up willy nilly.

Quantum physics tells us that to 'cohere' (aka rendez-vous vibrationally and physically) with our desires, then we've got to be deliberate and consistent in our focus.

But if you're like me, you might need some structure and accountability to create the consistency in your focus. So I've put together the Success Saturation plan based on a few of my favourite manifestation strategies. I designed it for the Co-Creators of Awesomeness, and I am so pumped up about it, I am sharing it with you too.

Just download the document here, follow the simple steps, and let the miracles happen.

Coach's Challenge: Try something different. Pick one of the strategies and give it a go. Feel overwhelmed? Choose underwhelm - pick the easiest strategy and try that. Just one little thing.

Author's Bio: 

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author Zoe Routh works with women in business to enhance their personal effectiveness and leadership capacity for global effect. For free tips on how to become a more effective leader that will save you time, money, energy, and stress, go to http://www.innercompass.com.au