Simple Ideas for Writing Interesting Marketing Content
by Susan Fox
Freelance Copywriter
© 2012 Susan Fox

1-Build genuine relationships with your target using casual tone content in your marketing copy. Unless your target is a business or technical based prospect target, too many statistics bore your reader. So use everyday casual language to engage.

2-In your copy, talk to men differently than the way you would talk with women. Men want to know what products DO for them. How they make a man’s life more convenient. Women RELATE to the product to provide comfort, improve beauty or create connections rather than create convenience.

For example, writing product feature copy about price, size, weight and mailing costs about your customized sleepwear are the facts about your product. A man can practically conceptualize and appreciate the facts about how the pajamas make his life more convenient.

A woman RELATES to the imaginative. Women want to know how they will FEEL in your unique lingerie. So, describe how the lingerie makes a woman feel sexy, alluring and can help get her husband in the mood for romance.

For a service to a woman, talk about how relaxed and rejuvenated she feels after having a foot massage... that it melts away her cares…that indulging in a little pampering is okay to restore her feminine essence with her physical body.

For a service to a man talk about how it helps invigorate him to make him feel more effective in his work. Working more effectively means less energy expended for him. This saves him time and money and improves productivity for him.

Generally For Men…
When writing marketing messages to interest a man, talk about what men like to get from your product or service. A man generally thinks of a product or service as though it were a tool that does a task he wants done such as ...

achieve goals
improve productivity
build his muscles
successfully compete
increase profits
understand how things work

Generally For Women…
In your marketing copy, write relationship-oriented, feeling words talking about how she feels or how your product/service helps her family or meaningfully makes something beautiful. Talk about the connection to the heart and how your product or service serves or supports or nurtures the human spirit. A woman generally thinks of a product or service as an answer to a prayer for cooperating and somehow leading to peacefulness, harmony and helping humanity.

Typically, a woman likes to:
feel pretty
know she’s doing something to beautify her home or herself
feel valued and respected for who she is
feel approved of and accepted just the way she is
know how your product or service will do something to improve relationships
build self esteem
help her children or other family members in some way
help the pet
build a team spirit
create a supportive environment
build a loving self image

Talk about these benefits/results for USING your product or service to interest women.

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Susan Fox is a freelance writer working with women entrepreneurs to help them connect through an engaging marketing message. She's worked with many holistic health practitioners who can't write, can't market and can't seem to attract clients. She loves helping you be found by your target market. Contact her today.