One of our contractors is a Silverpop expert, and we're looking to increase the number of hours we have him billing.

Our consultant can test emails, troubleshoot, and build emails directly in Engage. He can test all the big email client (iPhone, Hotmail, Outlook 2007, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail). For those of you have the too, you know that Silverpop can be a very technical and tricky tool to use. Though powerful, it rescripts code on upload, and inexperienced people using it ofter render unexpected results.

This kind of project is perfect for companies and divisions that use Silverpop and need someone to craft a few monthly emails, but can't afford an inhouse designer. Our guy is reliable, is a personal friend has worked with us for 18 months, has Fortune 500 experience, and most important, likes working on a project level. All he has asked is for us to find him a few more steady gigs.

Some highlights:

Experience using Silverpop software: ESP, Advanced Training, Survey, Transact, RSS Direct, ClickStream, In-Box Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics, etc.

Experience in Social Network Marketing

Basic knowledge of HTML development

Experience with web analytics package such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics great post to read, Web Trends, Silverpop Analytics, and Omniture

If you need someone to help you manage your Silverpop account, this is the affordable solution. It helps that he has a great design eye.

Author's Bio: 

Moiz Raza here