When people come into my office complaining of widespread aches and muscle pain, dizziness, brain fog, balance issues, severe fatigue or auto-immune and neurological disorders, one of the first things I look for is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

What are the causes of MCS Syndrome?

There have been several theories put forth regarding the causes of MCS. Some experts believe the syndrome is brought on by autoimmune or immunodeficiency issues, triggered by chemicals in the environment or in the body. Others contend that the causes of MCS are toxicologic or even psychologic or sociologic.  Since symptoms can vary from one person to another, there is no set of defined criteria for MCS syndrome; however, it seems appear more commonly in adults, primarily women.

What Triggers MCS?

Those affected by MCS typically experience symptoms after exposure to things present in their environment, particularly odors such as perfumes, scented products, solvents and cleaning agents, new carpeting, plastics, formaldehyde and cigarette smoke. Others are affected by specific foods or food additives, medications, and even the mercury found in their dental fillings.

Silicone has been found to be a major culprit in MCS. Most people associate silicone with breast implants, however, it’s also found in numerous household products such as polishes, hand lotions, soaps, processed foods, chemicals used in combat, and chewing gums. Show me a person who is sensitive to chemicals, detergents, and bleach, and I’ll show you a person who reacts to silicone. Even injection needles are coated with silicone for easy passage into the skin. In other words, silicone is virtually impossible to avoid, whether you have breast implants or not. Unfortunately, breast implants don’t last forever. Typically after ten years, through wear and tear, breast implants may leak. This is a game changer. Silicone inside the body causes havoc and causes an array of unexplainable symptoms. And silicone leakage can happen anytime, due to a roller coaster ride, an automobile accident, or trauma. Silicone symptoms are similar to MCS.

To complicate matters further, it’s not always easy to isolate the silicone as the source of your symptoms. Many items such ear buds and face masks contain latex or other materials that may contribute to the problem.

How is MCS Syndrome Treated?

Dr. Mike Greenberg is a holistic practitioner at the Plastikos Surgery Center & Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta. He uses a natural, gentle and safe technique to eliminate allergies to chemicals, silicone, mold, platinum, and other related substances linked to breast implant leakage. He can also neutralize symptoms caused by mercury fillings, without removing the mercury amalgams.  Each allergy usually takes a few sessions to resolve, although some are complex and require a little more time. 

Author's Bio: 

For 20 years, Dr. Mike treated well-known entertainers, top CEO’s and world-class athletes in Los Angeles. He has toured the country treating colleagues, and has participated as a healthcare provider in four Olympic Games. Dr. Mike and his family moved to Atlanta where he joined forces with a group of dedicated doctors at Millennium Healthcare. He is concerned first and foremost for the well-being and swift recovery of his patients. Dr. Mike is thorough and extremely efficient in his approach and aims to improve the quality of life in all those he comes in contact with. To contact Dr. Mike - Call (770) 390-0012.