Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Fail!

The fact you’re reading this article right now is no coincidence. Your subconscious, Your Spirit, is trying to protect you from a future disaster. Before you say I do, before you move in, before you introduce this future mistake to your friends and relatives, there are some things you’d better beware of – Those Apocalyptic Warning Signs. In case still you’re not getting it, i’m referring to Those foreboding Signs that keep nudging you, you know the ones, the ones that keep hinting, “This would be Relationship you’re in Is clearly Going To Fail!” Never mind how good the sex is, despite how attracted you maybe to your habit forming object of desire, despite how many years you’ve known them or how much time and money you’ve invested, all of that is irrelevant. No matter how many trips you’ve taken together, despite the fact you’ve endured hardships and losses together, you cannot save a doomed relationship. Never mind the fact that you’ve probably become financially or emotionally dependant on them, or even married them. When the handwriting is on the wall you’d better READ IT!

So you’re probably asking yourself, “how can I exit this trainwreck.” Simple – Be honest with yourself. Stop justifying foolishness while ignoring those things which are staring you right in the face. Not only is that un-wise, it’s plain foolhardy to keep heading down a dead end street. It’s the equivalent of a blind man playing a game of dodgeball while watching him attempt to knock down a wasp nest, inevitably he’s going to get hit and get the s*** stung out of him too. Stop ignoring your instincts. That’s your Spirit attempting to get your attention. HInt – You cannot make someone be who they are not. Hint – You cannot love anyone enough to make them change. People are who they are.

No relationship comes with a guarantee, but all relationships do serve a purpose, even the bad ones. It’s time to start embracing the fact that people come into your life for a season, a reason or a lesson. When the season is over, when the reason is discovered, or the lesson is learned, it’s time to exit stage right. The sooner you embrace the need to move on with what’s left of your life the better it is for all parties concerned. ALL relationships will end, sooner or later. Either they will end in life or in death. Learn this, and accept it, it’s the flow of change, it’s a fact of life. Besides, it’s better to take option one. In many instances it’s not that the relationship is bad, nor are the people in it. It’s merely the rhythm of life. Inasmuch, The Universe uses everything for your good. This relationship has served its purpose. It was part of your life’s evolution. It happened in order to help prepare you for the “REAL” love of your life. However, the longer you hang on to this practice run, the greater the odds are that you will miss the “Real Thing.” Things happen in their appropriate season. Not letting go could cause you to miss out on that which you’ve been so desperately seeking. To avoid blowing your blessing, check this out. It will help you to let go and move on.

Here are a 13 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Fail!:

1. When the majority of your interactions involve disagreements and increasingly hostile interactions.
2. When look more forward to time apart than time together.
3. When you receive a call, or text, from a new acquaintance or an old flame and it excites you more than a call from your current partner.
4. When you look more forward to leaving home than you do coming home.
5. When there’s no more laughter.
6. When either of you are being controlled or become controlling.
7. When there is a constant hostile tone in one or both of your voices.
8. When you cringe at the thought of “ANY” intimate acts together, this includes just being touched.
9. If the only thing that’s stopping you from leaving is you can’t afford to go.
10. If you fear them destroying all that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish or they interfere with, or don’t support, you manifesting your dreams.
11 When the only reason you’re still there is because you have no where else to go.
12. If the police have been called, or had they been called, it did, or could have, caused one or both of you to be arrested
13. When heated arguments and conflict become the norm

If 8 out of those 13 things are have become your norm, get out. Not only are you lying to yourself, you’re sabotaging any chance for future happiness.

In my last book, Break Up, Don’t Break Down! you’ll find one of my most quoted phrases, “as long as you remain in a dysfunctional relationship you’re making at least four people miserable, you, the person you’re with, and the two people God intended both of you to meet.”

It is impossible to fully embrace your future while living in the past. The lesser known is where you’ve been. The greater unknown is where God is trying to take you. Quit blocking your blessings. Embrace your future. Stop living a life of mediocrity. By definition Mediocrity is the best of the worst, and the worst of the best. God wants you to be happy. The question is – do you want you to be happy? Don’t ignore the Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Fail! Hint – Only a fool keeps doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.

By Relationship Expert and Master Certified Coach

Dr. D Ivan Young

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