Few things in life can impact a person’s happiness as much as their relationship with their partner. As a result, suspecting that a mate is being unfaithful can be one of the most emotionally trying experiences for an individual to go through. If you suspect that your mate is being unfaithful, there are signs that you should look for that can help you confirm your suspicions. The following are just a few things that may be indicative of unfaithfulness.

• Your mate suddenly needs privacy. Especially if two individuals have always had a history of being very close and open with one another, a sudden need for privacy on the part of your mate may be a sign of unfaithfulness. If credit card receipts and phone bills are suddenly top-secret, you may benefit from investigating what is on those receipts or phone bills.

• Conflicting birth control. If you have an established birth control method (such as using a birth control pill), and your partner suddenly starts carrying a secondary method (such as condoms) for no apparent reason, this could signal unfaithfulness on the part of your mate.

• Travel and work discrepancies. If you find that there are discrepancies in your partner’s travel plans, or their work schedule, this pattern of dishonesty could be indicative of unfaithfulness. For instance, if your partner tells you that he or she is putting in extra overtime at work, but you later find out that the company has a freeze on such overtime, your partner was obviously using his or her extra free time for some purpose, and you deserve to know what that purpose is.

• Strange telephone calls. If you keep receiving calls where the caller immediately hangs up, especially at times when you would normally not be at home, this could be someone trying to reach your mate who does not want you to know about it—possibly a secret lover. Alternately, if your partner is spending excessive amounts of time on the phone, or being very secretive about their phone calls, this may be a sign that they are involved in a relationship with someone else.

• Excessive time on the computer. If your mate spends excessive time on the computer, this could be a telltale sign of being unfaithful. If your partner spends a lot of time on the computer when you are not around, or if he or she takes extra measures to clear the Web browser’s history, this could be a real concern.

• Physical signs. Some signs involve physical evidence that can be almost impossible to miss. For example, a strange lipstick mark on your partner’s collar, or your partner begins to routinely smell of a cologne that you do not wear. These physical signs can be clear indicators of a problem.

All of these things, and many more, can be indicators of an unfaithful mate. However, a word of caution is in order. Just because these things can be signs of unfaithfulness, does not automatically mean that they are. For example, your mate may have skipped out on that afternoon of work to check out a bed and breakfast in the next town, where they plan on taking you for your anniversary next month. Or your partner may be hiding some elements of their web browsing because they have been planning to take you on a cruise, or buying tickets to Cancun. If you suspect that your partner may be unfaithful, talk to them about your feelings before jumping to conclusions.

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