Signs from the Universe is everywhere - pay attention. Be aware of what is coming your way today, as the universe is constantly giving us hints and clues of the next step to take and where we're headed.

A lot of people are not aware of these subtle signs that is revealed to us all the time so I wanted to create some heightened awareness around this.

First of all; ask for signs! Say out loud or in your mind that you want to experience some clear signs from the universe about where to go, what to do and what to say and to whom that will help you to move towards that which you are wanting in life, and so forth and a wonderful thing you can do also is to, before you go off to sleep, tell your subconscious mind to show you clear pictures of your near future and you will see them in your dreams.

Tell your subconscious mind also that you will consciously remember the pictures/feelings when you wake up.

It will obey you.

I do this all the time and I love it! It's so wonderful to be shown what is to come, even if it's not the whole scenery, you will receive a strong, positive feeling about something good that is coming your way.

Other signs we get from the universe is when we are awake, in our conscious state, going about our lives and living. Suddenly someone we don't even know says something when we stand in the line in the Deli somewhere that really touches our hearts, we inwardly know that what they said was a private message from the universe to us.

Often the messages comes from children too. You know when a child says something that has nothing to do with anything you are talking about and you know it was meant to be heard by you? I'm sure you have experienced something like that, but maybe not taking it seriously enough to understand that it was an important clue.

Other signs are when we suddenly hear a song in our head over and over again that we haven't heard in ages and it keeps coming back. Next time it happens to you, pay attention to the words in the song...

And sometimes when we turn on the TV or radio someone says something that makes us really feel that the words were meant to be heard by us. Pay close attention to what is being said.

Other signs are when we see the same numbers everywhere. They mean something, and if you ever think "hm..that's odd, I have seen this same number in many places now" then you should look it up and see what it means.

Doreen Virtue is someone I can recommend, I love her work. She works with the angels, and I have learned what the different numbers mean that the angels shows us when they communicate with us from her work.

Here's the basic meanings of numbers 0-9, according to Doreen Virtue:

* 0 - This a message of love from the Creator.
* 1 - Watch your thoughts and only think about your desires instead of your fears, as you will attract what you're thinking about.
* 2 - Keep the faith and don't give up hope.
* 3 - Jesus or other ascended masters are with you and helping you.
* 4 - The angels are assisting you with this situation.
* 5 - A positive change is coming up for you.
* 6 - Release any fears about the physical/material world to God and the angels. Balance your thoughts between the material and spiritual.
* 7 - You're on the right path, so keep going.
* 8 - Abundance is coming to you now.
* 9 - Get to work on your life's purpose without delay.

The universe communicates with us in numerous ways so pay attention! And you will know with certainty that the message is meant to be heard by you, because you will feel it strongly. You will really feel that it was for your ears and eyes only. If you feel unsure, then it's not for you.

But if it keeps coming back to you, and something keeps repetitively coming back to your awareness, then ask the universe to clarify for you. I usually say "I feel like this is meant for me, but could you please give me a more clear sign about this? Let it all happen in a harmonious way for all involved. Thank you" and then I let it go, and the clarity comes when I least expect it.

Don't look for it. Let it come to you by being relaxed about the whole thing.

Remember that it is in Peace where you can hear the voice of the divine clearly.

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