People are fond of gemstones, they wear these as ornaments. Fashion jewelry with rocks looks fascinating and attractive.

However what many of us might not be aware of is that gemstones have a deep astrological significance associated with them. In Vedic Astrology, gemstones are extensively used for healing purposes. We can figure out which gemstones suits an individual by seeing his birth sign, which is most often his moon sign. And it is also possible for an individual to go for a gemstone by having his Kundali seen by an expert astrologer.

A very interesting fact about gemstones is that there is a difference between fashion gemstones and astrological gemstones. It might be possible that a fashion gemstone may have been treated or dyed in a laboratory to make it look more appealing. However astrological gemstones are not treated or dyed to create brilliance, for the simple reason that these are remedial and not ornamental gemstones!

Why would someone require going for a gemstone at all?

From the moment that we are born, the planets, constellations and stars have an effect on our existence. Now sometimes it might happen that owing to an individual’s time and place of birth, or his Janam Kundali, energy received from certain planets or constellations may be debilitated. So by the audacious use of gemstones, an individual can balance these energies and make sure that they work in his favor.

People sometimes wonder how a simple gemstone could transform their life, turn luck in their favor, help them with their life or relationships, or even help them get over medical disorders. And is all this really possible?

The truth is that gemstones really do have an effect on our life. A simple gemstone works as a conductor and booster of cosmic energy. And when one adorns the right gemstone, these absorb cosmic energy to balance our system. So the body cells can absorb these cosmic energies and gemstones just act as a conductor of energy.

However one precaution that one must always keep in mind is that one must always try and make sure that one wears a gemstone only after consultation from an able astrologer. And that is because wearing a wrong gemstone may have negative effects on our being.

While a gemstone works nicely to synchronize and balance our energies, one needs to pay heed that that he avoids conflict within him. This is just like penicillin, while it could be life saving for one, it could act as poisonous for other.

Let’s take an example which illustrates the importance of wearing the prescribed gemstone. If someone consumes a spoonful of sugar, it might work fine for him. But if someone who is a diabetic consumes a spoonful of sugar, it might not work for him. So getting an able astrologer is very important before choosing to go for a gemstone.

On wearing the right gemstone, however, it is assured that you see positive changes in your life. And within a matter of 120 to 180 days, you find significant changes in your life. Some of the changes you are sure to observe include improved sleep, a positive attitude towards people, improved sources of income and more harmony within your family and relationships.

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