Have you recently been on a lookout for some summertime desserts?

Desserts that are served cold always have their own charm.

One might often believe that the list of cold desserts is dominated by ice cream in its numerous flavors.

However if you are planning for a change, Shrikhand is a must try.

Shrikhand happens to be one of the smartest dessert recipes in Indian foods. This is easy to make, delicious to have.

Made from curd as the base material, Shrikhand is high on protein.

If your child does not like milk products all that much, go for Shrikhand, and you'd come to realize that your baby develops a taste for milk products.

Yet another best part about going for Shrikhand is its ease of preparation. If you do not intend to spend too much time preparing for a dessert, Shrikhand is the alternative to go for.

Within 10 minutes, you could have delicious Shrikhand prepared, ready to be served!

Once you get a knack of making Shrikhand, you could even try it out as the base material for a host of other recipes.

Consider mango flavored Shrikhand on hot summer afternoons, for an instance.

Have Shrikhand in a nice fruity flavor by mixing chopped fruits with the dessert for a fruit Shrikhand.

If you like Shrikhand, there is no longer a need to get packaged Shrikhand from outside. You can prepare the dessert from the comfort of your home!

And you'd discover that your guests are in awe of the meal you prepared! Shrikhand happens to be the finest way to cook a feast yourself and give catering services a break.

Let's check out the recipe for Shrikhand


Preparation Time: 3 hours

No Cooking Time

Serves 4


1 kg. Thick curds

3/4 cup powdered sugar

A few saffron strands

1 tablespoon warm milk

2 teaspoons cardamom (elaichi) powder

'Shrikhand' (Sweet Strained Yoghurt) is made from curd. The ingredients include hung yoghurt.

Hung yoghurt is made by placing curd in a muslin cloth and putting enough pressure towards the top to filter out the water.

The solid mixture that remains is the hung yoghurt.

Other ingredients for Shrikhand include

Cardamom powder

Powdered sugar

Saffron with some milk and finely chopped almond and pista

First we'll beat hung yogrut in a bowl

Add powdered sugar to the bowl, followed by elaichi powder. Mix well.

Now add saffron milk followed by chopped almond and pistas. Mix well.

Shrikhand is ready, put in the fridge to cool.

Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios, and serve cold.

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