It's time for another celebration. The bad guys are falling--Bin Laden, Hosni Mubarak, and now Muammar Gaddafi. Who's next?

From the beginning, man has believed the that God is apart from himself. It's what I was taught and everyone I know.

An Eastern, more spiritual point of view, is that man is God. When I first heard this some forty years ago I thought it to be blasphemous and believed it to underrate God—to diminish him (I believed God to be a him). But today I wonder that maybe man is under rating himself, not God. After all if God is as we've been taught to believe—all omnipotent—how could he ever be under rated by anyone? Why would he even care?

Whenever a religious person is poised with such a challenge, he goes to the scriptures? That's not something I'm going to get into. Goddard Neville, (1905-1972) in the 1930's penned At Your Command. In 2005 Dr. Joe Vitalie had it republished. This book is a “must read”. Just go to Google and search for “At Your Command by Neville” and it will pop up.

The question that has baffled humanity for all time is “Why?” Why in the world does God allow evil and bad happenings? Why does God allow accidents to happen? Why disease? Why are mean hateful dictators like Muammar Gaddafiallowed to go on living for forty years and those we love taken from us? Why does God allow those such as Muammar Gaddafi, or Hitler, or Bin Laden have influence and power? The most popular answer is that it's a test of faith or that we are being tested by the devil. We'll take a deeper look at this answer later.

The second most popular answer is that it is “meant to be.” The problem with the last answer is that those who ascribe to it have no options which easily lead to psychophysiological illness—caused by stress. This particular belief throws a crimp in any personal change or personal growth program and leaves one devoid of a sense of self worth.

Perhaps there's an explanation. I would think that God knows everything and I believe most would agree. But what is “everything?”

Taking this to the ultimate, let's be practical and ask if God would know everything about mathematics? I bet that question threw you for a loop. I mean there's nothing in any bible with which I'm familiar that talks about God's mathematical skills. Yet, he/she/it is all knowing.

I can't quite get a picture of God standing in front of a college classroom scribing out derivations of mathematical equations to explain the universe, but, hey he/she/it is the universe. No, we generally get a picture of God speaking through his followers in dreams as they write them down and the subject matter is more about how to treat and love others. Do we think that God is simply limited to the ten commandments or other scriptures on how to treat other humans?

But let's get back to our God of mathematics. It follows that he/she/it also knows all there is to know about biology, physics, chemistry, and probability. Do you think that any human alive knows more about these laws than God?

Now let me go way out on a limb and define God. I mean the God of all religions, but the problem with this definition for religion is that it doesn't explain religion which by the way if you trace the word back in time means, “new ideas.”

Let's say that God IS the laws of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and probability. I always list probability last as it is my least popular subject, but it is the one law that let's all the other laws work.

Think about this for a moment. Are you not the manifestation of all these laws? Are not the soil, rocks, and elements the manifestation of these laws?

Mathematics was a favorite subject of mine in college. I had a 4.0 average in the subject and maintained it all throughout college. However, in my major, chemical engineering, I got lost with second order differential equations (mathematics). My point is that mathematics is in everything just as there's probability in everything, and physics in every thing, and biology in chemistry and visa versa. Make sense?

It is the manifestation of God (these laws) that has created everything we know today and the past such as dinosaurs. Every life form has some form of intelligence with man being the highest.

God (the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and probability) has brought about all forms of intelligence and life including single cell organisms, skin parasites, nematodes, insects, reptiles, monkeys, mammals and ultimately the human mammal.

Man is created in God's own image. The laws of probability, physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry (God) created man.

Certainly there is no law that cares about any of your choices you make in your personal growth and personal change—they don't send you subliminal messages, but by the same token these very laws do determine the end result of your choices.

The result of the toddler that leans too far out the third floor window is determined by God (the laws of chemistry,physics, mathematics probability, and biology, which is gravity).

By the same token, the result of the father who is hit by a drunken driver is because of God. There is no reason for God to do this and the end result is that it is ultimately up to the survivor of the tragedy to benefit somehow from the tragedy. Profit from tragedy? That sounds insensitive, but the alternative is to be stuck in depression and anger.

For example: A teen age derelict drunken driver killed a young 17 yr old teen. The mother was engulfed with anger for years and went to every court hearing to make sure the derelict was punished to the maximum. At some point she had a realization—the derelict with no sense of self worth was never given the opportunities her son was given and she went on to adopt him (shortened version of the true story).

In his book, Neville never defines God as being the laws of biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and probability. With a detailed review of the Christian scripture he arrives at the same conclusion—that no God exists who cares what happens to any of us, but each of us, as God, do care. Before you get up in arms about my writings being sacrilegious or atheistic, go read his book, At Your Command, and do yourself a favor. He leaves no stone unturned and it's only about 30 pages.

Because God (the laws of probability, mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry) exists in everything, then it makes sense that everything is consciousness and is connected—even Hitler and Muammar Gaddafi to each of us.

From a personal growth and personal change point of view, the more limited our thinking, such as with Hitler and Muammar Gaddafi (the extreme) there is a tremendous amount of strife, injustice, and death. Call them killer tsunamis, tornadoes, and earth quakes. The devastation created makes life a miserable hell for thousands and thousands interfering with any personal growth or personal change program to create self worth.

The manifestation of man is God. Man is therefore God. God is man and man is defined as his beliefs. It's totally normal to be happy with the riddance of people like Hitler, Bin Laden, and Muammar Gaddafi from this world. Just like we can swear at a storm (God) that takes loved ones from us, we can rejoice in Muammar Gaddafi's demise. His limiting beliefs, which happen to be the manifestation of God, are what has done these deeds. When he is eventually killed, it will be like the end of a horrendous tornado or earth quake, or tsunami. It's the end of a storm of consciousness that stifles human potential. Unfortunately there are other ignorant Gods carrying on Muammar Gaddafi's storm of consciousness (his limiting beliefs) yet with which to be dealt.

Those like Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi, Bin Laden, and others have had a large (macro) affect on human conscious potential. On a small (micro) level, those who believe that everything happens for a reason, is swearing to their own limitations and they subterfuge their sense of self worth. Truth is from a personal growth and personal change point of view, things happen, disasters happen ,tornadoes happen, Muammar Gaddafi happens because of how the laws of mathematics, probability, biology, physics, and chemistry, (God) plays out in our every day lives. Each of us have the choice to be destroyed or connect with universal intelligence (God) and some how ultimately profit or simply move on. Just as a tornado harnesses incredible amounts of energy, beliefs that sabotage our human potential harnesses a tremendous amount of energy which is likewise destructive--but all of it is God which ultimately doesn't care whether we die, suffer from binging and obesity or any other health problem, or prosper—naturally every one of us do care.

In summary, the more knowledgeable that we are about the laws of physics, mathematics, probability chemistry, and biology (God) the more prosperous and healthier our lives will be and just maybe one day we can collectively know how to tame a killer tornado. The revolutions for freedom from such stifling energy created by these mad men (Gods) must be championed by the very Gods (the subjects of the regime) that they stifle and control. Only hope is that the result is freedom of expression and the support of human rights.

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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E., NGH certified has been writing for the internet for over four years. He has best selling self help mp3 downloads for personal change and personal growth at find a sense of self worth at and for eating too much.