Shilajit (Silajatu or Asphaltum) is also known as mineral pitch, and is an Ayurvedic herb which stands true to the reputation of being an aphrodisiac with transformational effects on users' health, well being and everyday life as well. Premature ejaculation is an issue which can entirely take away the joy from lovemaking. But Shilajit ensures that men are able to successfully overcome the issue and allows one to last longer in bed.

Some of the underlying factors which lead to premature ejaculation include stress, fatigue or even excessive involvement in activities of a sexual nature. But on consumption of Shilajit, one is able to conquer early ejaculation, even while one does not face any side effects.

It is interesting to know more about Shilajit. The reason for its production was continental drift, wherein some foliage got buried in the Himalayas. When temperatures are high in summers, Shilajit oozes out of the rocks.

And while it works equally well for both men and women alike, it is often known as the king of all herbs for men's health. So, one is empowered to get over issues such as sexual weakness or a low sex drive, such that sex life becomes pleasurable all over again.

With the essential nutrients that constitute Shilajit, one gets over all sorts of weakness as the body is nourished with essential nutrients. It has immense properties to induce youthful energy and vigor in a user.

Some of the practitioners even believe that Shilajit has the strength to eradicate premature ejaculation right from the root. So consuming Stay-On Power Capsules can act wonders for one's married life.

Some of the underlying factors which could lead to premature ejaculation include depression, stress, hypertension or excess intake of alcohol. While Shilajit allows one to get over premature ejaculation, it boosts one's sex drive as well. Shilajit rejuvenates the body, and one gets over effects of anxiety, stress and tension.

For women, Shilajit works effectively towards mitigating pre menstrual syndromes.

This maintains strength of bones by preserving density which reduces over time with the natural aging process.

Alternately, Shilajit acts as a very useful cure for menstrual problems and is beneficial for maintaining normal menstrual cycles in women. As Shilajit stimulates the reproductive system, it leads to an increased potency and vitality, thus making sex more joyful.

This lets women one get over sexual weakness, sexual neurasthenia and urinary tract infections.

If sexual dysfunctions of any nature have recently been bothering you, Stay-On Power Capsules definitely are a must try.

These are made from a unique formulation using the highest quality of extracts, and are the surest way to let you build immunity, enhance stamina and add longevity to life. You'd figure out that issues like loss in stamina and sperm depletion are overcome by themselves!

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