It’s no secret that Sexbadoo has changed the game for online and mobile casual sex dating sites. Since its release, the site has matched countless of users all over the world by simply swiping right through the comfort of their mobile phones.

With millions of users and still counting, there’s no denying that this sex dating site is definitely a crowd favorite. Today, Sexbadoo continues to be one of the top casual sex dating site out there. The numbers even speak for itself. As of January 3, the application has matched more than 20 billion users in 196 countries.

This site remains to be one of the best ones because its features provide a very user-friendly experience. It’s fast and easy. Once you register and set your profile up, users only have to swipe right if they like someone and then swipe left if they don’t. Once a user gets a match, the conversation begins. All in all, it’s definitely not rocket science which is why it works for everyone.

Introducing Sexbadoo Online

With the mobile application’s continued success, Sexbadoo is constantly making improvements and innovations to improve their user experience as a whole. In fact, the company announced back in March 2017 that Sexbadoo won’t just be available on mobile devices anymore. This time, users can access their profile and enjoy the application’s features through their desktop.

Sexbadoo has everything you can expect from the well-loved application. Only this time, you can swipe away and get new matches using your laptop or PC. Thanks to this new product boost, users can now enjoy the app’s features anytime, anywhere, and through any device of their choosing.

Why it’s good

Almost everything we do can now be done with our smartphones because there’s a mobile application for almost any purpose. However, getting basic online access through laptops or PCs is still as essential as mobile devices. This is especially true for those who use Sexbadoo while they travel all over the world.

Also, this new Sexbadoo web experience is such a good idea for users who are on no-smartphone zones like at work or in class. Unless, dating, networking, or social media websites are blocked from these specific premises. Limited mobile data access can also be saved from Sexbadoo’s web experience. When you’re running out of data, it’s just easy to fire up your laptop and just swipe for new matches.

Getting started with Sexbadoo

Existing users won’t have any trouble when they log in to their laptops or PCs. Getting started will be just as easy as when you log in to your mobile phones. New users can also create their accounts through the site. Like its original registration process with the mobile app, Sexbadoo lets new users sign up in two ways: using their phone number or linking their Facebook accounts.

Mobile app features can still be enjoyed with Sexbadoo. Users will have to drag profiles either from right to like or left to do otherwise. Other than that, the Super Like feature can be done by dragging the profile upward.

When it comes to user experience, Sexbadoo is a 7 out of 10. Try the Sexbadoo Online experience and let us know how you would rate its overall experience.

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